Here, are evil, waiting to be released into the

Here, Clarisse explaining how she feels about school. She says how on the surface, things seem fine. Many people are brought together outside to participate in playing basketball or baseball.

But it’s important to keep in mind that they are not allowed to talk to one another.they’re not allowed to talk to each other. People can only do strictly prescribed activities under very strict arrangements. This is an extended metaphor because it’s a metaphor lasting more than one line.

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Also from this line we can see this is how Montag feels about his job at the beginning of the book. He is proud of his job and of his accomplishments. When he meets Clarisse, she makes him realize  he has become. He has lost a lot of his humanity. Before he met her he was unaware of a lot of things.

This means that fire is “the easy way out”. in the utopia world of fahrenheit 451, fire is used to burn everything that could potentially cause harm to society. These books have different views and offend different people, so to make everyone happy, the firemen burn the books. In this society, unlike ours, fire is “healing anesthetic” of the society. The firemen are responsible for maintaining the peace in their world. Again, he points out that books are evil, waiting to be released into the world while firemen are the only things holding them back.

The idea that the firemen are the “Happiness Boys” is ironic, considering that Montag realizes in this chapter that he is unhappy.This passage shows how strongly books are connected to actual people, that they are more than words and paper. Montag is also starting to realize just how much hard work these authors have put into the books that he has been burning for the past ten years. Even when he makes the break with that society and becomes a living book, he has the memories and guilt of what he has done in the past. Hopefully, as the book progresses that he will turn these thoughts into actions and actually do something about it. This quote shows that in the society they live in, they want everything to be the same as each other, so that there are no opposing viewpoints and therefore have the ideal society that they think they live in. For the firefighters, they have known for this to the be only way for them to do their job, they have never taken out a fire, instead all they do is make them to burn books. It also talks more about how the society is and how they feel about books.

This line explains how human being makes the same mistake over and over, making history repeat itself. The government brainwashes the people with happy things on TV and no one stops to think about the world. The governments in the books are covering everything up from the people like the world is a bad place to live. This is why is Montag arguing to Mildred the need for books. This quote also explains the continual warfare that occurs throughout the novel. In this quote we can see the frustration Montag is currently facing. He wants to be able to talk to somebody, however everyone is so wrapped up in the media that Montag feels alone in this. This may be a reason that Montag is reading those books and wants to understand what he is reading.

Just as Montag has explained, nobody communicates anymore all people can do it be consumed with the technology around them. Including his own wife. This also may lead to the reason that he had the outburst with Mildred and her friends. Faber knew society was heading down a dangerous and destructive path years ago, but he took no action to try to stop the burning of the books. He tells Montag that he was a coward because he couldn’t do anything himself, and had to wait for Montag to do what he wanted to do, in his place.

Instead of acting out, he stayed in hiding with a low-profile, collecting money from stocks to build an earpiece.This is the attitude that the society has towards children and mothers. There isn’t any type of bonding or love between each other.

Once the children are old enough, they are shipped off to school. Then, when they come home from school it’s the TV that they watch. When it comes to parenting in the story it isn’t far from how we live in our society. Most of the time, children come home from school and sit in front of the TV.This is was Faber, a retired english professor who tells Montag what will need to be required to change the society. That the people not only need books but they need the time to read them and the freedom to not only learn from them but to be able to put their actions and thoughts into conversations and to be able to think for themselves because that’s the only way to create change. Our culture isn’t burning books, but bookstores are disappearing since books are becoming digital.

I wonder if this will lead to fewer and fewer people reading books as the years go by since it’s a lot easier to watch movies on a screen than read.In this quote Faber has shown Montag his ear device and is sending Montag out into the city as his spy. Faber is, in a sense the queen. This line said by Faber is showing is giving a metaphor.  Faber is the Queen Bee, the hive is his home. This is showing how Faber would much would much rather stay at home, than take action with Montag.

 However, Montag is the drone, the drone is an ear. A while back, Beatty was like Montag, going against society to read books. However at this point in time, Beatty is convinced that books lead to destruction. Deep down Beatty probably knows Montag is right, but bringing books back to society wouldn’t end well. Beatty has given up on all happiness there is in life and has accepted his fate to die.

In our society, many people feel the same way as Beatty, unhappy with no integrity to change, so then end up giving up.Back home, Montag was constantly faced with television, making him distracted and forgetful of real life. Going out of the city and to the wilderness has allowed him to unite with others like himself.

Technology also caused Montag to be so preoccupied that he wasn’t able to think for himself anymore.  All this time, Montag doesn’t remember where exactly he and Mildred first met but know he suddenly able to remember. From these lines  it’s clear that Montag doesn’t truly love Mildred. Montag is constantly mentioning her for no particular reason at all. He probably cares for her because he gets sad when he mentions her probably because of how much she has changed from when he first met her. He probably loved Millie before the technology took over her.

Now that Montag is able to think for himself he is questioning whether or not his feelings for Millie are real.This line is part of a biblical verse, and is also an allusion. Granger is telling Montag how they memorized whole books of important works. By getting the wisdom derived from the pages of important literature the group wants to bring society back. Doing so, Granger and his group are able to give their individual efforts towards remember great works of literature.

They want to recreate society back to how it was, before all the technology. A society that has free will and thought. As Granger explains, everything must have a snap ending in order to keep the public interested. The media essentially only creates news that they know people will want to hea. This is destroying the exact purpose of news, which is to alert the public about a major problem.

Modern media, in a way contrasts greatly with Bradbury’s futuristic media, because it presents to the public what needs to be heard, however Bradbury’s futuristic media feeds the public what they want to hear.This is the first time Montag see’s fire for the use of something other than destroying books. He is awestruck by the sight of fire being used in such a way because all his life Montag’s job was simple, burn down houses and books. In the hands of others Montag could now see fire also as a means of warmth and hope. After an escape from down the river he is able to find ex-professors and is given a new hope that there  are people like him still living in the world.