Heather but all their life is planned by the

Heather BecerraMrs.AlbaThe Tragedy of Romeo & Juliet15 December 2018 Undetermined Stars Fate and freewill are not shown clearly for people to decide whether of them is true or not. People would consider Romeo and Juliet’s decision to kill themselves free will, but all their life is planned by the stars.

William shakespeare tells us at the beginning of the play that Romeo & Juliet will be “star-crossed lovers” which they are destined not to be together. I will point out whether I believe fate or freewill is controlling them.Romeo and Juliet life is already decided by the stars, anything they do is going to end up the same, except if the stars feel bad for them and give them a second chance about being  star-crossed lovers.

Romeo’s immaturity is what caused him to doubt on the stars rather than him. At the start, Romeo falls in love with Rosaline which seems like a lie, but Romeo’s immaturity in loving her is very “hard” for him after everything because he just starts experiencing what love is, but actually not knowing what it is. Then, they start knowing each other by the time and  Romeo comes by her house and stayed all night in. In the morning, he has to go, but didn’t want to and said  “And but thou love me, let them find me here / My life were better ended by their hate / than death prorogued, wanting of thy love”(2,1), in other words saying he preferred being with her that caring what happened to him. Then the days came by and Juliet had a decision to make everyone believe she was dead to escape with Romeo. Even though she is wrong, Romeo is following her.

They are trying to change their lives or their fate, causing them to ruin all their relationship. Also, before Romeo gets the poison from Friar Lawrence, he is being warned when he said, “Art thou a man? Thy form cries out thou art” (3,3). He basically says that he would be dumb if he commited suicide for that. When he gets noticed about Juliet’s poison situation, they tell him she is completely dead, so he said, “Is it e’en so? Then I defy you, stars!”(5,1) which he was angry and blamed it all on fate, rather than himself.

He then runned to Juliet’s tomb before receiving the letter telling the death was fake. Romeo believes that Juliet is dead and wants to reject his fate by killing himself to be with her in after death, but she is not dead. Then Juliet wakes up from her long sleep to see him dying at the right moment she wakes. This is a bit weird for me because by killing yourself, you are committing a sin, so you have no after life.It seems that fate wants it organized. At the beginning of the play, Shakespeare gives us the whole spoiler of the play. Even though he tells us this, we still don’t know how their life events are going to be regulated.

Romeo had this love with Rosaline, were he loved her a lot but she didn’t return the love. Then, he sees Juliet and fells the love at first sight, which I don’t believe and think it was just seeing her and thinking she was pretty. Juliet, who had to marry Paris, said that she didn’t love him and that she was very young. At their age and their lack of experience, they shouldn’t get in love cause they don’t know much about real love.

Then their life goes on and by the fact that their families don’t get along, they cant be together, so they start setting up some plans so they can.  Fate goes along not telling anything special, just the difficult life that Romeo & Juliet are having and how it could get worse. Stars are trying to help the case of Romeo and Juliet. Everything started getting out of control when Tybalt and Mercutio got themselves in trouble. First, both of them were arguing and Romeo tried to stop them while Tybalt challenging him to fight, but refused to. When Romeo tried to stop them, Tybalt killed Mercutio. Romeo wanted vengeance on him, so he fight him and killed him.

Not knowing what he has done he shouts “I am fortune’s fool!”(3,1) Meaning fate was making fun of him. After this happens I think that the stars were starting to feel a bit cruel and tried to give Romeo a second chance. The second chance was getting Romeo out of Verona, but then Juliet got herself into the problem and made her fake death. Juliet was thinking just for herself and him being together, like nothing was going on the outside world. Here, stars or fate got themselves with their original plan life for them “star-crossed lovers”, so they end up both killing themselves. Romeo and Juliet had the fault after all. They took decisions for everything and the only thing they cared about was being together.

Romeo and Juliet life is controlled by fate or the stars. They controlled their life by putting them in harsh positions or in happy ones. I believe fate controlled them all the time, and free will was just upon themselves thinking it. Fate is the only one who can change a thing. Fate tried to give them a second chance, but they were loving themselves too much, so they had no thoughts about living, just loving.