Heathcliff to be married and they both intherit the

Heathcliff and Catherine are in love with each other in the book but they dont know how to express it in a correct way. Catherine is the daughter of Mr. Earnshaw, the one who brings Heathcliff into the house. She loved Heathcliff while her brother hated him. She loves Heathcliff so much she calims that they are one and the same.

Her love for Heathcliff means nothing on the hand in front of social prowess. She wants to be up socially and have a higher social status so she marries Edgar Linton. She thinks she can love Heathcliff and still marry Edgar but it prove not possible and she kills hersef by refusing not to eat, and both Edgar and Heathcliff becomes miserable. Heathcliff spends his whole life plotting for revenge on Hindley and wants to make Hareton, Hindley son a mirage of himself.

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At the end he inherits Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange. He succeeds in getting Hareton and Cathy to be married and they both intherit the houses when he dies. Heathcliff and Catherine seems to ve a parrallel to Hareton and Cathy. It also suggest that Heathcliff and Catherine are roaming the moors where they spent most of the time when they were children as ghosts. They consider the moors the best part of their childhood/life and they, especially Catherine wants to recreate the memory.

Catherine says, “I wish I were out of doors! I wish I were a girl again, half-savage and hardy, and free; and laughing at injuries, not maddening under them!” Catherine was forbidden to see Heathcliff when she was young and was sent to the Lintons to learn about acting like a lady and treating Heathcliff like a servant. Nelly Dean in the story is the second main narrator for most of the story. She acts as a servant and a friend to Heathcliff, Catherine and others in the Earnshaws and Lintons family. When she is narrating she shows her emotions and how she feels about the characters. Heathcliff told her his revenge plan and she was always conversating with Catherine.

When Heathcliff dies she acts more harsly and is the one to arange his funeral.