Healthy you are not alone, you are one of

Healthy Sleep – 5 Foods That Make You Sleep Better

There are many people who are in the trouble of
having healthy sleep. Some others are not able to stay asleep. The reason
for the sleeping problem could be anything, but you are not alone, you are one
of the 50 million of Americans who are not satisfied with their sleep.

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The benefits of sleeping at night are countless. Sleep can
keep you physically healthy and happy, sharp your brain, strengthen your immune
system, trim the waistline, keep your skin young and control your blood
pressure along with heart disease. 


5 Foods that help you to make a Healthy Sleep

The message of new study suggested by the Pennsylvania
University is “Eat crappy, sleep crappy”. They reported that healthy sleep
depends on the most different diets. They play a good role to regulate your
sleep. Here are 5 Foods that help you to make a Healthy Sleep:


1. Fish

Fishes are full of tryptophan, which contain
the natural sedative. In the halibut, tuna, cod, and shrimp have the
higher level of the natural sedative than turkey. But, you should remember that
all seafood is not healthy because some of them have highly contaminants for
the methods of processing and caching. Fishes also contain some healthy oils
and vitamins that important to keep your heart and body fit. A sound body can
produce a sound sleep, is a well-known proverb. So, having fish at the night
time is good for healthy sleep.


2. Healthy fats for Heart

The fats that are unsaturated boost your heart and
improve serotonin levels, and it helps to make you sleep better. You can find
unsaturated fats in peanut butter and nuts like pistachios, cashews, almonds,
and walnuts. You should avoid the foods that are with trans fats and saturated
fats like French fries, high-fat snacks, and potato chips. They make the
serotonin levels down to raise the problem of good sleep.


3. Cherries

In a study, the participants drank the juice of
cherry in the morning about 8 ounces and another 8 ounces juice in the
evening. They have continued it for 2 weeks, and they reported better sleeping
outcome from it. It works because the cherries are rich in high
melatonin hormone, which improve your sleeping habits. You can also eat one cup
of whole cherries instead of juice at night as a night snack for healthy sleep. 


4. Fresh herbs

The calming effect in your body can get from fresh
herbs. For example, basil and sage have the chemicals to reduce anxiety and
promote a good sleep. You can try basil and sage with pasta sauce by doing it
in your home. It’s simple to make, and the sauces that are made at home tend to
lower sugar levels to reduce sleeping disorders. But, you must avoid the herbs
like black pepper or red pepper at night, because they have the effect of


5. Carb & Protein

The combination of carb and protein in your foods works for
better sleep with fulfilling of protein deficiency. So, you can think about
granola, banana, oatmeal, whole-grain cereal and almonds for healthy


Moreover, you can consider these 5 Foods that help you
to make a Healthy Sleep along with cottage cheese with low fat, apple and
throw your tension on the pillow & have healthy sleep with sweet dreams!


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Get top 5 foods that are helpful to make your sleep better
and deep, such as Fish, Healthy fats for Heart, Cherries, Fresh herbs as well
as Carb & Protein.