Healthcare supporting details that show the importance of learning

Healthcareorganizations have this pressure in continuing to improve and upgrade in orderto ensure that they are adapting to the changing healthcare environment. Thisis one of the issues and challenges of healthcare system especially on thetalent management area in which there is a great contribution of talent issuesthat helps solve these challenges. In line with this, learning and developmentaims to provide opportunities of improvement for the personal and professionalgrowth of the medical staffs where in they are able to share their expertise ina high quality manner that gives patients quality care. Therefore, dealing withthe changing healthcare environment also challenges learning and development ofthe healthcare system.             According to Portsmouth HospitalsNHS Trust; Learning and Development Strategy 2016-2021, the challenges inhealthcare for the next five years are the workforce wherein there is ashortage of qualified nurses and therefore there is a need to develop existingmedical staff in order to take on a new roles or enhanced roles, the finance oflearning and development is reduced, and lastly the changing healthcareenvironment in which there is an increasing complexity in the workload becauseof the acuity of patients, and increase in clinical activity which hinders thedepartments to easily release staff for trainings.             Training Administration Systems 2017also identifies particular healthcare challenges and these are budget and costsavings, staff engagement may be low due to poor available time of the staffsinside and outside work, resource management, access to learning and creating ablended learning program is also a challenge due to learning differences.             However, Beaumont Hospital Learningand Development Strategy 2009-2014 revealed practices that are related tolearning and development in their needs analysis making it more necessary todevelop learning and development programs on the workplace which is consideredto be vital by utilizing existing knowledge, investing in the development ofstaff and aligning with its current and future hospital needs.

            In addition, Hogan AssessmentSystems 2015 also claims that despite the challenges, there is a clear need forbetter talent management specially when dealing with changes particularly inregistered nurses and to the whole talent pipeline from leaders to entry level.And it is should base from the employee assessment for them to develop better employeesto give quality care. Hence, making it related to learning and development.            With these supporting details thatshow the importance of learning and development in solving these challenges, itclearly states that there is a need of better interventions in relation tolearning and development and a careful needs analysis.

In line with this, healthcarechallenges needs to be address due to the continuing pressure of adapting tochanges and therefore must consider learning and development initiatives.