He master at overcoming adversity, and wasn’t afraid to

He was a humble spirt that
will forever be remembered across the land,


          Aside from being a well-renowned scientist
and inventor, he was also well known by his fellow peers as a humanitarian. Booker
T. Washington said it himself that he was “a great teacher, a great lecturer,
and a great inspirer of young men and old men.” He always had a heart to give
and a heart to help. He was a master at overcoming adversity, and wasn’t afraid
to go out into the community. He shared his thirst for knowledge to his students
and those around him. At schools, on farms, and county fairs, Carver urged
others to recognize their own potential, and that of their surroundings. He was
committed to learning by doing.

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          George Washington Carver, originally known
as Carver George, was one of many children born to Mary and Giles Carver, an
enslaved couple. He was kidnapped along with his mother and sister but was the
only one able to be found and returned to Missouri with his father and brother.
His slave owners Moses and Susy Carter, who opposed slavery, raised and
educated George and his brother James Carver in private. George eventually
overcame adversity and went on to become the first African-American student to
attend Simpson college in Iowa, though he went to several schools before finally
receiving a diploma from Iowa State University. Upon his graduation, he
embarked on a teaching career at Tuskegee Institute to run the school’s
agricultural department. He was a teacher and scholar at his time at Tuskegee. He
explained to people how to grow crops and preserve food and always did work
with enthusiasm.

          How do you
describe George Washington Carver, a man whose success comes from not only his actions
but his charisma and demeanor? Some may call him an idol, but he himself would contend
that he is like everyone else. If anything, he was a very influential man who loved
to help and interact with people and didn’t worry about the things that don’t
make a difference. His interests were science, art, and the desire for
knowledge. He was never limited to a single thing and always seemed to be
active around his community.