HBL not below the rank of an officer. ACCOUNT

HBLbank is functioning under following set up:BANK DEPOSITS:Deposits are to the bank as abackbone is to the body of a man. They are the lifeblood of the bank. HABIBBANK LIMITED and all other commercial banks perform the function of depositaccepting from the general public by offering suitable rates of interest onthem, or on simply a promise to repay on demand. OPENING OF ACCOUNT BY AN INDIVIDUAL: After entering into bank premisesthe person goes through the following steps for opening an account in the bankand for becoming a bank customer. ANINTRODUCTION: The first important step to takeplace in bank is to get satisfactory introduction of the person, who wants tobecome bank’s customer by putting various questions.

Main intention is todetermine the prospective customer’s integrity, respectability, occupation, andnature of business he is doing at the time of opening an account. ACCOUNT OPENING FORM &SPECIMEN SIGNATURE CARD: Now the person is provided withan application form known as Account Opening Form.This form contains:            i.

Title of accountii. Address iii. I.D.

Card number iv. Telephone No. (Office andResidence)                                                v. Introductory reference (allabove mentioned particulars of introducer ) vi. Signatures of the applicant vii. Amount deposited In addition to this the customeris required to attach a copy of National Identity Card with the form.

Specimen signature card: Specimen of signatures will beobtained from depositor at the time of opening his account. A speciallydesigned card is used for this purpose; the card must be countersigned by anofficial of the bank not below the rank of an officer. ACCOUNT OPENING REGISTER: Now the name of the customer willbe recorded in account opening register, and from here the account no. of thecustomer will be written on (top most corners) account opening form and onspecimen signature card.