Having to their friends.Apart from that,physical bullying also happen

Having a breath in the world named earth does not make you look great if you do not experienced feel bullying even for a once but you can deal with it.If you have bullied or been bullied then you should know how bullying feels like.

 ZulFarhan Osman Zulkarnain,a naval cadet in one of the university who was allegedly tortured for many days died for serious injuries because of bullies.This case is an eye opener for people in Malaysia.Bullying almost happens to everyone,starting from schools,and also at a workplace,but not everyone knows that they been bullied and issues bullying become taboo in our society.

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There are several types of bully that occur commonly in our daily life. One of the type of bullying is physical bullying.Physical bullying is a physical touch that can make the other persons felt hurt or scared that usually done by a group of boys and women is always been on their target.Statistics from Education Ministry reported that over 14000 cases of bullying in schools before 2012 and 2015,with most of them involving physical bullying (Audrey Vijaindren,2017).Mostly person who get involved in physical bullying had family matters that can affect their emotions.Having parents that always fight in front of their children and hitting is a common thing would lead the children to do a physical bullying.This is because,they love to imitate and try to do it to school and things getting worst when they found it is interesting to do it.Studies have shown that children who bullied others tend to continue their bad habit into adulthood (Hariati Azizan,2017).

Other than that,friends also can give a big impact in our live.Most of the students would face the moment when they willing to do anything in order to fit in with their groups and this will lead to do physical bullying just to show their greatness to their friends.Apart from that,physical bullying also happen when someone wants to show their power.The physical bullying can give a huge impact to victims such as feel scared or lack self-esteem.This is because they feel useless when they cannot fight back.In addition,they are lacking in social skills just because they feel shy to interact with others.

Moreover,Malaysia would not in peace if their citizens still not aware physical bullying is a major problem that would lead to another problem.In conclusion,everyone should take the responsibilities to prevent physical bullying from occur. Second,another type of bullying is cyber bullying.

Cyber bullying is using a digital technologies as a medium to attack people.It can be hardware or software and can happen anytime.Malaysian Communications notes that over two thirds of social media users love uploading photos and posting their activities without thinking about the consequences(Hasimi Muhammad,2014).This would lead to cyber bullying whereas bad people can do anything with that photos.For instance,they can change the photos by using technique superimpose and change the original photos to the bad one and posted it to the social media that can embarrassing the owner.The survey highlighted that at least one in two young participants of Digi cyberSAFE’s Stop Cyberbullying 2017 experienced cyberbullying(C.

Christina,2017).Besides,cyber bullying also happen when someone create fake account just to spread rumors or gossips.This usually happen at people who in a limelight and this could attract outsider left a nasty comment or we simply called a keyboard warrior.All of this will give effects to the victims surely.

One of the effect is the victim will face pressure.High pressure had to been through when handling the media.Just imagined,you have to clear up your name after someone doing something bad that can affect your reputation,and it is not an easy work to do.On the other hand,the victim also not earn self respect from others.

This is because they usually been humiliated by something that they do not even do it.It is like a ticket for others to say whatever they wants to the victim and surely the victim already lost the self respect and they also been looked down by citizens.In conclusions,cyber bullying should be stop from now for a better nation.  Lastly,verbal bullying is also one of the part of bullying.Verbal bullying is attacking someone by using harsh words just to insult someone’s life and to make them feel down.

Name-calling,humiliate,teasing,intimidation or making homophobic or racists remarks are the examples of verbal abuse (Rebecca,2017).Each person who bullies others might have their own reasons why they bullies in this way but surprisingly there are several highlight reasons why they do this.Some might says that they do this because lack of attention from people.Most of them claimed they been ignored by their parents or friends and been treated unfairly.They thoughts about verbal bullying is the only way to gain attention without thinking it consequences to the victim is totally wrong.Apart from that,the bully also might have the problems.Commonly,a person who cannot handle the problem and in their life usually have negative vibes in their own life.

To reduce their stress they will disturb weak people by calling out their name based on their appearance.For instance,if the victim is fat,they probably called the victim fat or adding ‘fat’ in their name.Other than that,most of them having a problem cannot see people’s happiness just because they do not happy or enjoy with what they have.Their bullying habits are a reflection of their disappointed towards something in their lives – such as being bullied themselves – and all the bottled up anger, and bitterness are directed to their victims(G.Chee,2017).Throw some harsh word to the targeted person until they felt sad or unhappy make them satisfied.All of this will give big impact to the victim.The victim will feel depress because they been seen as a weaker creature and do not have right to express their thoughts.

This would lead to lack self-esteem that can affect their future.In conclusion,verbal bullying can ruin emotion of someone because word are wiser than sword. In conclusion,bullying is a worldwide issues that may happen to us.

Eventhough there are many types of bullying happens in this world but these 3 type of bullying is the top among the others.Nothing good comes out of bullying.Having depression,lack of self-esteem,lost of respect from others are the among negative effect that the victims facing.Turning a blind eyes on bully thus not resolving or curbing the problem is the worst thing can happen and this is not a message that Malaysia should be sending.