Having do perspective-taking process in which one has to

worked at a tech company, a bank and an embassy, I perceived the importance of
media, communication and information management. We are living in a world full
of information; however, it is up to individuals to choose how to collect and
utilize the information. With that in mind, I want to pursue a graduate study
in Commerce, especially Marketing and Management in order to equip myself with
effective tools and knowledge to become better at managing information and
further improve my performance. I want to be able to enhance the flow of
information within the organization, increase leadership effectiveness and
raise brand recognition.

have learned different ways of using information. A diplomat utilizes
information differently (to improve relations) from a banker (to determine the
legitimacy and eligibility of a legal entity) and a social media coordinator
(to resolve the customers’ problems and advertise for the company). Skills and
knowledge I have acquired from each job interrelate and reinforce each other. In
order to further hone my skills and deepen my understanding about communication
and information management, I took several graduate-level courses in
communication field at The George Washington University. I learned about
different communication theories, the reasons for people’ behaviors and how to
utilize information to achieve my goals.  Most importantly, I learned (1) to do
perspective-taking process in which one has to process much information to put
oneself in the shoes of the other and be able to comprehend that person’s
situation and needs; and (2) to pay attention to verbal and nonverbal cues as
those can reveal multiple small puzzle pieces of information which makes up a
big picture (ultimate goals).

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master degree in Commerce can help me propel my career. I am especially
interested in your required Global Immersion Experience which provides students
an opportunity to have hand-on experience and to apply what they learn in class
to the real work. It will further enrich my knowledge and experience in media
management, consulting, customer relations, research and teamwork. With the
skills and knowledge which I have and will obtain, I will be able to work for
my dream jobs in the fields of international affairs, public relations,
marketing and consulting. 

especially University of Virginia, is a great place for my graduate experience
not only because of its location near the capital Washington DC where some of
the most influential organizations, government departments locate, but also
because of the city’s reputation for startups and prestigious consulting firms.
The city and the university offer students a diverse, professional and dynamic
learning, working environment.

believe University of Virginia and M.S in Commerce program are the best fits
for my graduate study and my career goal. I can surely contribute my
professional and academic experience from diverse environments to other
graduate classmates while learning from them.