Have wolves? The answer to this question is this,

Have you ever thought about what life would be like without Gray  wolves? Much like bears it is not an everyday occurance to look out your window and see a wolf sniffing around your yard, but of course wolves are still part of the local environment. Today I will talk hit three points on the Gray Wolf. First; what is their niche in the environment? Second; what would happen if wolves where to go extinct? And third; how to protect them. First, what is a wolves niche in the environment? Wolves are predators which means they eat meat. Their niche or job in the environment is to keep the herbivore population healthy. By killing the weak and sickly, wolves help the strong herbivores survive and pass on the jeans that helped them survive on to their offspring. In doing so wolves have helped make the herbivore population strong and able to fight off some diseases. Wolves also help keep the herbivore population at a decent size.

Other animals such as bears, pumas, foxes,and coyotes also do this same thing. So what is so special about wolves? The answer to this question is this, wolves are pack animals. Like most wild dogs, wolves live in groups called packs.

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This leads me to my second point.What were to happen if wolves went extinct? In a pack there are two leaders the alpha male and the alpha female. This pair is normally the mother and father of a majority of the pack. The average size of a wolf pack is around six or seven but, some can have around fifteen or even twenty wolves to a pack.

These packs are like families. Like families wolves do things together such as hunting, eating, and raising the pups of the pack. When wolves hunt they do not go individually. This makes hunting the large animals easier. Wolves also have much endurance or the ability to run long distance without growing tired.

Here is how wolves hunt. When looking for a meal wolves will look for the weak or sick. Once they have chosen their prey the wolves will begin the hunt using their amazings endurance they may chase their prey for miles trying to surround their prey or running it to exhaustion