Have updated – meaning, you have the ability to

Have you said your sweetest hello to the newest Instagram feature? Instagram Stories! Just so you know, Instagram Stories authorize you to take a snap or record a video and add it to your story that will last for 24 hours. It could actually work wonders for your Instagram Business Account! But the question is, are you doing it right? First and foremost, you have to make sure that your Instagram App is updated – meaning, you have the ability to create Instagram Stories. You should see this at the top of your app together with the latest stories of the accounts that you follow.Next, modify your Story settings. Feel free to change whom you want and do not want to view your story and also whom you want or do not want to send you messages. Yes, that’s possible!And voila! You’re ready to post your Instagram Story.

Tap the circled + button and you should be able to take a photo, adjust it’s flash settings or record a video. If you wish to record a video, simply hold the button to record the 10-second video. Once you’re done taking the photo or recording the video, you have the option to add some text or objects to it. Well, it’s your choice! If you’re fulfilled with your story, just tap the checkmark and your story is ready to go.The story doesn’t end there! Did you know that you could edit your story? Yes, just tap the tree dots at the bottom right corner to bring the options.

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Whether you want to omit or save the part you’re currently viewing, share your story as a post on your Instagram profile, or change the story settings, it’s all in there! Here’s the most loved part, you can view your story’s analytics. You’ll have the idea what kind of story your followers love! You’re also able to review your messages from your story viewers. Just don’t forget to check on your DMs, especially the Message Requests. Isn’t this an amazing feature not just for personal use but for business as well? I, myself am enjoying this feature and gives me great ideas what to share and what my followers enjoy the most!Do you want to repurpose your Instagram profile? Let’s do it!