Have there have been big changes over the years

you ever been interested in learning about the race relations between white and
dark skinned people in the past until today? Has anything changed since then?
In a community there are many types of races. Some of those being Caucasian,
Mongolian and Negroid, but at the end of the day we are all human. Race
relations is the behavior that each individual race has between one another in
a community. Ever since the 17th century until today, there has been
a huge problem with the division of Caucasian with Negroid. Looking back into
those centuries and comparing them to nowadays, anyone can notice that there
have been big changes over the years which have been fought for by many people.

the 17th century until the 19th dark skinned people were
treated differently by the white. The light skin toned race, saw the darker as
humans that were not normal. Therefore, treated them as they believed was
right. Which was as slaves, as they did not believe that they were worthy of
anything else.

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(which is the term for white skinned people), in the past centuries mentioned
above, had the hierarchy in the society. Thus, they had more privileges than
any black person that existed in those days. The population of light skinned
humans were wealthy and rich people, who were from upper-class families. On the
weekdays they would go and work in their high paid jobs, which could be as
lawyers or doctors. Furthermore, on the weekends both husband and wife would
enjoy themselves at dinner parties with their friends, who were the same as
them.  Their children were brought up to
be just like their parents. The mother and father would work hard to be able to
send their children to well-known Colleges around the world. There they could
have the best upbringing and in the future become successful dentists,
accountants etc. just like their role models, who were their parents.

they lived in freedom in comparison to the Negros of the areas, they did have
one rule which had to be obeyed or else they would have to face the
consequences that the society would punish them with. The rule was, that no
Caucasian race was allowed to be seen in the same company as a Negro either if
that was to help them with something or on friendly terms. They were only
allowed together if that person was their slave, maid, gardener etc. If they
were seen together, they would be frowned upon by the locals or even worse
beaten up.

the 19th century, local white people decided to form a group. The
group was made based on the ideology of white supremacy and it would be known
as the “Klu Klux Klan” also known as the KKK. Their aim was to attack any
vulnerable black people they could find and in the worst cases murder them. Though,
the problem of the Klan was that the people were unidentified seen as they
would cover their faces with white masks. As far as anyone was concerned, those
hiding under the masks could have been familiar faces, who were in fact

the other hand, the dark skinned humans who were then known as Negros faced
terrible experiences, which you would not want to wish upon anyone. Those poor
beings would be bought or sold by superior white people. After the exchange,
the men would be treated as slaves who were forced to work in their gardens,
fields and in many more hard labored jobs and the women would be cleaners,
maids and many more. If a woman was a maid at someone’s house it was forbidden
to use their toilets as they were seen as a dirty race. Therefore, the owners
of the home had a designated bathroom away from their home which were only for
the use of the maid. To add, any other skin tone except for light, were
forbidden to use any services that they did. For example, there were separate
busses for both races and sharing was prohibited. Also, getting your hair cut
had to be done in separate buildings and no races could be mixed.

with the above, they also had a time limit which was mandatory to obey. If
anyone was seen out after the hour allowed they would have to face horrible
situations such as being shot, or in the women’s case raped. In general, they
lived in poverty, had no freedom of speech and lived their lives in fear for
many years.

then, the times have changes hugely. From the 17th century until
today, many important faces around the world have stood up, fought and risked
their lives for the equality between both races. An individual to be remembered
is Martin Luther King Jr. who has gone down in history for his speech “I have a
dream”, which took place in 1963. There he was standing up for freedom and job
opportunities for all Negros around the world. To add, another important person
who will be remembered in history is Oprah Winfrey, who still till this day is
fighting for equality between the two race relations.

relationship between both races have come a long way since the times where
slavery was legal. Both, are free to have an education in any school or college
they desire to go to. The same applies for their job opportunities. Every
individual can apply for any job, either that being as a gardener or as a top
lawyer, skin color does not forbid anyone. Also, everyone is respected when it
comes to freedom of speech and there is no restriction as to the hours they must
be home. Many years ago the majority of people were against black skinned
people. Although now they are united.

though nowadays there are exceptions. Although there is freedom in most aspects
there are many people who are still racist when it comes to dark skinned
people. Those still believe that the old ways of thinking are right and must
still be obeyed. However, even though the KKK does not exist there are others
who support what the Klan believes in. To add to it, it is a shame but there
are a few places where white privileges are still above black. For example, in
a crime situation, when a police officer is faced against a colored person,
hesitation of shooting for self-defense is lower than what it would be with a

races have come a long way since the 17th-19th century.
The improvements in equality have changed majorly. As seen above, the colored
skin races were forbidden to do anything that was not acceptable by a white
skinned person. From then, many people have tried with every strength they have
in society to fight for the lives of those who struggled and were not able to
do so for their selves. Those who made a change in the world for the race
relation of dark and white skinned humans faced consequences. Some being,
assassination or imprisoned for speaking up for what they truly believed is
right. At the end of the day, they are the ones who made the changes in the
world by showing will-power and strength against racism.