Have and happiness anyone could ask for. As per

Have you asked yourself what is the greatest gift in your life? Have youever been answered if you are wealthy enough? The honest truth is our health isthe greatest boon, gift and happiness anyone could ask for. As per a clausementioned by Buddha, Heath is the gratest gift, contentment the greatestwealth, faithfulness the best relationship.Imagine yourself carrying bags fullof medicines and days watching nurse checking up on you. Does that makes youhappy anyway? Does it gives you peace and render you happiness? Treated as apatient or grumped in one place is equivalent to the look rendered to a manwithout soul.

And that is why keeping self healthy is weighty. In another say,better health brighter future.Keeping yourself healthy is as much important as keeping yourself alive,eventually both are same. Thus how do we keep ourselves healthy? Of coursehealth and food are something that could not be separated. What you consumedaily and in often actually reflects your heath condition. Talking about healthadvising people to have a balance diet, eat more vegetables and fruits avoid consumingtoo much of sugary food could be very much cliche. Furthermore even nowadaysawareness towards a healthy and balanced diet is being dedicated to studentseven at their primary schooling days.

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However, why this generation still fallsick easily? Why the health scale os dropping and why hospitals are being amust visit place for this generations? Well all this reflects back on not onlywhat they eat but also how, where and when they eat. Eating at places which isnot hygiene, eating foods even vegetables which is not organic, and not eatingin the right quantity at the right time is the answer. Having a healthy diet isvital but eating the right food bought at the right place and consumed in aright time is even important.On the other side, there are also others reasons which cause self to beunhealthy. Too much heath conscious sometimes offer you too much of suffer. The health term in this issue refers topeople who athletes or fitness enthusiasts . One could give too much importantto body weight and shape which pushes them to be very much considerate in theirexercise and also diet.

Too much exercise will cause body to respondnegatively. This can also be said as overtraining syndrome. Going on hecticexercise can have both physical and psychological effects. The physical effectsdue to hectic exercise is increase in heart rate. Increase in heart rate willcause short breathe that could lead to many health problems.

Besides,psychologically, one could suffer from not enough sleep, fatigue, hostility andother emotional disturbance. The best way to overcome this problem by having aexercise schedule. This schedule should varies the training to have a balanceexercise and it also should include mandatory rest phase.Another main reason which deteriorates health especially for the peoplein this era is too much using gadgets.

Too much depending on Gadgets andspending most of our valuable time looking at this thin embedded technologicalscreen might looks awesome and cool but its effect is very much harmful. It iscrystal clear that, Gen Y spend most of their time communicating virtually andnowadays their physical interaction and activities has lessen. Compared tothose day where there is no vast technology, people are more active and do morephysical activities. Technology which was created to reduce our burden and makeour daily activities much lighter had caused the main weapon which destroys ourhealth. Besides, the charges emitted by this gadgets and also the vibrant of itis very much harmful for our organs. One who considers to be healthy shouldalso be more considerate in using gadgets. Not to urge people to be a blind ITperson, its just to have a neutral and the proper manner in using the gadgets.Now lets look what do we get if being healthy? It might look simple, itis also what people give less care.

Being healthy is definitely the greatestgift that one can offer to themselves. This is because, having a good healthwill render you pleasure by giving you ultimate happiness. This is because whenyou have a first class health it will reduce your burden in thinking of yourmedical checks up dates, reduce your stress in choosing your vacations, reduceyour burden in spending your leisure time with family. In one word, yourphysical fitness reflects your mental fitness. Trust me, when you are healthyespecially when you age hedge over 60’s and going through ageing, this is whereyou will start to have that confidence which calms you down and helps you toact younger than people around you think. Think of going on a vacation withyour grandchildren, having an reunion with your schoolmates who does not haveany teeth and hair coloured all white or even going on honeymoon with yourspouse at the age of 70.

Well that is what we call happiness. And to allow youfeel that happiness is only by maintaining a good health while you are young.Being healthy absolutely renders you a brighter future. Think of havingspouse who are sick and need your proper care. Think of having a employee whotakes medical leave frequently.

Think of the nation or country’s health data ifmost of it’s citizens are a patient. How would the image would be. A singleperson heath awareness actually have impact on their family, community,society, nation, country and even to the world. Do you prefer of being thecontributor to a negative impact? The answer lies within each of us. Alone youmight think you are alone but when its counts on each of us, it’s huge, as perthe say, alone you are a drop , together you are an ocean.

Your consciousnesson health and your todays response implies how bright your, your family andyour nations future is. The change begins with your attitude!