Have affected the creative writing. Although her childhood was

you ever heard the name of book “Anne of Green Gables”? Probably, many people
read this book when they are young. By the way, the author of this book is Lucy
Maud Montgomery. Although she is not an inventor, she is one of the greatest literary
scholars. She gave a dream to many people in the world by writing attractive
story. I entertain a deep respect for her so I am going to introduce her life
and the works.

I introduce her life. Actually, her life was full of ups and downs. She was
born in Prince Edward Island in 1874. However, unfortunately, her mother died
of a disease called tubercular when she was 1 years old. She was too small to
understand what happened. Then, she was brought up by her grandparents. However,
her daily life was full of loneliness. ” her grandparents showed her little
affection and her childhood was predominantly one of loneliness and isolation,
feelings that would remain familiar to her throughout her life” (Andrew
McIntosh, Cecily Devereux). Although she didn’t have mother, she had a friend.
It was nature that she felt friend. She communed with nature and found the call
of the sea and forest. In other words, she knew everything of nature. It was
invaluable experience for her because she was awed by the sight and affected
the creative writing. Although her childhood was lonely, she had a good
imagination by entertaining the wonderful nature. Then, she wrote a novel when
she was a teenager and she succeeded. Since she was beautiful woman, she
contacted with many men. Thanks to these experiences, she eventually published
the book “Anne of Green Gables” in 1908. Fortunately, this book was highly
acclaimed by many critics and people in the world. She received the great award
by writing this book. Sometimes, during the time when she was writing the story
was full of an internal struggle or inner conflict, she built a career as an

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I’m going to talk about the affection brought by the Montgomery’s work “Anne of
Green Gables”. Although this book belongs as children’s literature, many people
read this book regardless of their age. For example, the immigrant who were going
to Canada read this book to learn culture and custom. It is good way to adapt
at Canada. In Japan, during the World War 2, Hanako Muraoka who impressed by
this book translated this book from English into Japanese. ” Muraoka brought out her translation of Anne.
Ever since, Anne has been a part of Japanese culture, with her exotic red hair
and comic outspokenness” (Cultural Tourists – L.M. Montgomery’s Impact
Globally). Thanks to her action, many Japanese people read this book and
impressed by Anne’s courage and passion. Eventually, the anime based on “Anne
of Green Gables” broadcasted. On the contrary in Canada, this book provided the
great economic benefit. Many tourists visited Prince Edward Island where
Montgomery’s hometown.In other words, her work was not only loved by many
people, but also used as an economic strategy.

conclusion, I think that her work is affected by her life. Many experiences
made her woks something great because her works express every feeling from joy
to sorrow. So, many people in the world are sympathetic to her works. Then,
people of all ages read her books. “The Anne
books and films relate to people of all ages. And the level of
interest that adults seem to take in them rises beyond passion” (“Why
Adults Read – Anne of Green Gables.”). They entertained “enjoyment of reading”.
I respect her and I want to read her works. I want to be such a wonderful
person so I am going to study hard.