Have a million families relied daily on international food

Have you ever thought about why is Haiti still so poor today and how it connects to the revolution of 1791-1804 ? The biggest natural disaster in Haiti’s history shook Port Prince on  January 12, because the caribbean nation of 10 million struggled to feed and shelter. More than a million families relied daily on international food aid. Haiti has a uniquely tragic history Natural disasters, poverty, racial discord, and political instability have curse the small country throughout its history.

Before the Europeans, Taino and carib indians arrived they inhabited the island of Hispaniola. Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere but its history and culture were somewhat rich. This essay discusses why haiti is so poor today and identifies the connection to the revolution of 1791- 1804. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti was left behind in the late 1950’s because haiti’s past is still affecting their present or future. In 1492 slavery began in haiti with the christopher columbus the man they hated, Haiti was the only country to be a product of a slave rebellion, the nation’s history is nearly entirely defined by race and discrimination. “Throughout the roughly 200-year history of Haiti, slavery has never truly left the country. Due in part to the poor decisions made by Haiti’s earliest leaders, the country has never been able to get on its feet without falling back over again” (https://www.theodysseyonline.

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com/why-is-haiti-so-poor). This quote reveals one of the reasons why haiti still keeps falling apart, which is because the use of slavery still exist in that country which affects certain people and the country.Discovering why haiti is so poor today and its connection to the revolution of 1791- 1804. Many haitians would fight for their country and make it a better place but because of the racism and slavery they can’t really do much since its affecting them, the past is also affecting them in bettering their country or future. The country is so poor that many suffer from hunger and a place to live in.

My understanding about this topic is that till this day haiti is still poor because slavery, that’s one of the reason why haiti can’t get on its feet and fight haiti would continue to fall apart all over again. Haiti’s economy connects to the world today because haiti isn’t the only poor country suffering of hunger , place to live and money.