Harriet shaped through failure! An example, is getting released

Harriet Braiker once said, “Striving for excellence motivates you; striving for perfection is demoralizing.” Did you know that perfectionism can be a curse and lead to depression? According to psychologists, perfectionists may have unrealistic views about failure and are overly critical of themselves, which has a very negative impact in daily life.

Therefore, learning from failure develops your personality, leads you to strength, will make you successful and have a positive impact in your life.Perfectionism can greatly alter your personality development throughout your life. Yet failure is genuinely a chance to reevaluate and come back powerful with a better reasoning.

Failure helps you thrive into a better person as well. Your personality is shaped through failure! An example, is getting released from jail. I know of a person who had to serve time in jail, and once they got out, their mistake completely shaped their personality into a better person and they didn’t do that certain mistake again.

Periodically, mistakes are proof that you are trying, and that, is better than not trying at all. By not experiencing defeat, you won’t experience growth. Although you may misstep incredibly, you may also succeed incredibly.

Failure motivates you to do better and try harder. Failure also can construct you into a more powerful person. For an example, the famous basketball player, Michael Jordan, was given second shift because he wasn’t tall enough. When he got rejected, it hurt him. As a result, it led him to force himself to practice seven hours a day. He got stronger mentally and physically and turned into the basketball star he is today.

Hard work pays off!  Failure is very important in your life,  because it leads to strength,  and strength leads you to success. Most of all, failure is the key to success. It’s life’s greatest teacher,  and an opportunity to have a fresh start and you can become way more triumphant from it. Infact,  Walt Disney,  was told that he lacked creativity,  which is quite bizarre,  because today he is legendary. Walt Disney evidently learned from his mistakes,  as he created world famous movies and amusement parks around the world.

It may seem like a contradiction and it certainly is ironic,  but thinking you’re always right is a sure path to failure,  while admitting and learning from failure inevitably leads to success. Success meets with failure because if you never made mistakes,  you would most likely never learn. If you were to fail,  for an example,  a test,  you could observe what you did incorrect and see what you did wrong,   you would probably end up with success. Therefore, learning from failure builds up your character, leads you to strength, will make you successful,  and it might not seem like it at the time,  have a positive impact in your life. Failure is actually necessary in life,  and strips down egos as it molds and shapes you as a human being. If you continue striving from failure, you will be led to well accomplishment.