Hannah recipient of the McDermott Award in the Arts

Hannah Cory2018 January 12Choir Mr. NeisenLibby Larsen I chose to write about Libby Larsen because she interested me in her music. Her real name is Elizabeth ,but she likes to have her short name as Libby.   Libby  was born December 24, 1950 and is now a great current American classical composer. She is also with a female composer that is named Stephen Paulus, she is a co-founder of the Minnesota Composers Forum, and now she is the American Composers Forum. Libby was Born in Wilmington, Delaware.   Libby is a Musical performer, Pianist, Artist, and Actor.

Libby is mostly still a musical performer with all of her music that she has made. Libby has created a catalogue of over five hundred works have been working virtually every genre  from intimate vocal and chamber music to a huge orchestral works and over fifteen singing operas.  Libby’s music has been looked apon for its dynamic, deeply inspired, and vigorous contemporary American spirit.  She has a beautiful voice and all of her pieces of music are amazing. She is constantly thought after for commissions and premieres by very major artists, ensembles, and orchestras around the world, Elizabeth Larsen has made a amazing place that is pernament for her works in the concert place as of today she is. As a past holder of the 2003-2004 Harissios Papamarkou Chair in the Education at the Library of Congress and recipient of the McDermott Award in the Arts , as well as a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Academy of Arts, Libby is a victorious, a very articulate champion of the music and musicians of our time for her.

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 In 1973, she co founded the Minnesota Composers Forum, now the American Composers Forum, which has been an invaluable ad for composers in a difficult, transitional time for American arts.  Consistently sought after as a leader in the generation of smart thinkers, Libby’s music and very good ideas have refreshed the concert music tradition and the composer’s part in it. Her most famous piece was Slang which was made in 1994. Libby was asked to talk about her years and how she liked music and why she chose to do so she answered, “To tell the truth, my teachers have come to me from unexpected places in my musical life.

They have been poets, architects, painters and philosophers. ” In adding to being known as a great composer and other jobs of hers, Libby is known as a musical philosopher and speaker for her life. Libby has given a keynote address at places such as the League of American Orchestras and from 2003-2004, Libby had served as the first Harissios Papamarkou Chair in Education and Technology at the Library of Congress. She has been in very many things and has accomplished amazing things in her lifetime as you can tell. Libby has organized and became a artistic director of the Hot Notes Series in 1993, which focuses on the modern keyboard, and particularly on the interaction between performer and synthesized sound.

This interaction has become a feature of her later works, including 1990 based on the book by Mary Shelley. This work used electronic visual effects such as screens around the theater which showed different perspectives throughout the opera. Libby Larsen in a very famous composers in Minnesota. Because of she went to the University of Minnesota and of her amazing pieces of music, songs, and many other pieces that she has made.

I think it would be really cool to sing a song off of her music since we had to do these essays about famous Choral Composers. It was really good to find out about one of these famous composers. I hope sometime we could be able to meet a Famous composer to inspire us to do something huge in our life time. If i could be a singer I would definitly go for it because Libby Larsen is very inspiring. Espically since she went of Minnesota’s State school. I think it’s pretty amazing that one of the most famouse Choral Composer has gone to our Univerity schools.