Hand injuries are one of the most common type

Hand injuries are one of the most common type of injuries. More prominently in a workplace due to electric, gas or telecommunications construction.

  In a recent study, it was found that hand injuries made up to 16.5% out of all the all the other workplace injuries. Employees who work with heavy objects, chemicals, moving parts etc. get exposed to very harsh conditions which increases the possibility of injury. Using the correct hand protection can prevent the workers.It should be a necessity for all the workplaces to maintain a hand safety program. The program must include an analysis, awareness training, assessment and periodic evaluations.

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When the company will take necessary measures to protect their employees, the employees will have greater morale which will surely bring more productivity.Any job that requires more exposure to hands, work gloves should be a must. Jobs like:Climbing.Handling tools or materials having sharp ends or splintered edges.Working in extreme heat which can lead to burns.Projects leading to cuts or burns to hands.

Even wearing gloves are not enough sometimes as it can also lead to accidents. Awareness is a must while working around any type of machinery as gloves can get caught and lead to tragic consequences. A correctly sized glove is something which which is not looked upon.

It affects the gripping ability if the gloves are too big in size. On the other hand a smaller size wears out quickly. So it is very important to make sure that the gloves fit in well. Using the correct glove for the given task is also something to be paid attention to. The following things should be kept in mind while choosing a glove:Gripping ability.

Flexibility.Resistance to tears and puncturesComfort.Thermal conditionsHigh and low voltageSome situations may not allow putting on gloves. There are times when wearing gloves affects the clean application of certain types of materials.

In such a situation, one still needs to be aware of the hand protection.