Hamlet and has been turned into madness,.14. Hamlet’s ghost

Hamlet Act III Questions:1. Polonius believes that Hamlet is crazy for Ophelia’s love, while Claudius kinda agrees with Polonius, but at the same time Claudius differs with Polonius because he believes that Hamlet is holding something back from Claudius. 2. Hamlet treats Ophelia in a mean way,  Hamlet wishes to Ophelia to go to a nunnery. 3.

Hamlet’s attitude toward Ophelia is more intense and despises here. Hamlet says he never had any feeling for her and that everything he did was just a hoax and nothing real.4. Claudius wants to send Hamlet to England.5.

Polonius wants Claudius to have Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother to beg Hamlet to what has led to his madness.6. Hamlet’s attitude toward Ophelia before the play is more nicer, good mannered, and it seems to appear that Hamlet is flirting with Ophelia.

Hamlet uses jokes as a way to talk to her.  7. King Claudius feels angry over the play, Claudius gets up and leaves.8. Hamlet sees Claudius praying in one of the rooms in the castle.9. Hamlet does not take revenge on Claudius because he is praying which is removing his sins, Hamlet decides to wait for Claudius sin, so he could suffer just like his dad is.

10. The irony is that if Hamlet kills Claudius while he is praying he will go to heaven therefore Claudius would not suffer for killing his brother. So what hamlet intends of doing is killing Claudius when he is sinning in order to suffer just like his dad.11. Hamlet discusses how Gertrude remarried right after Hamlet’s father death and how could she be capable of marrying his uncle, who was the one that killed his own brother. Gertrude feels sadent and disturbed by the fact that she has done something terribly wrong.

12. Polonius is the person who is spying on Hamlet and Gertrude. Polonius ends up dying since Hamlet stabs him, thinking Polonius was Claudius.  13. Hamlet Believed that Polonius was Claudius hiding behind the tapestry and was listening to their conversation, therefore that would be considered a sin. By killing Polonius this shows how Hamlet has lost his mind and has been turned into madness,.

14. Hamlet’s ghost dad reminds Hamlet what the objective is and to not get off course.