Guns anywhere from sexual assault, to open fire against

Guns save more lives than they take.

Two and a half million times a year, guns are used for self defense. Self defense can be anywhere from sexual assault, to open fire against the criminal. One example of open fire against a criminal would be during the school shooting in Pearl, Mississippi. Luke Woodham walked into a high school and open fired. Luke tried to walk across the street to the intermediate building, only to be stopped by the assistant principal.

While Luke was firing at the high school, the assistant principal managed to get to his truck and get his firearm before the man got to the intermediate building. The assistant principal did not kill the man, he only wounded and seized him until the authorities appeared. Approximately 6,580 times a day, civilians use firearms as self defense.

We would never know what would happen without these men and women having these guns. Without the guns, it could be the difference between life and death. 200,000 women a year use there guns to protect themselves from sexual abuse. Statistics show that citizens stop more crooks then the police do. According to 2016 poles,  policeman have shot 606 people. The civilians have shot 1,527 civilians.

This proves that the police can not be everywhere. Without these men and women carrying guns, our streets wouldn’t be nearly as safe. Policeman get the alert after the situation has already occurred. If an armed civilian was on scene right then and there, they could hold them off until the police came. Without an armed citizen, the police would get there after the scenario and then have to chase the man. Others might say that with more gun control laws, crooks wouldn’t have as many guns.

They are incorrect because people who want to cause harm, will find a way. Only three percent of people that have used guns in a crime, owned them legally. That means the other 97 percent either smuggled the gun, or even stole it from someone.  Criminals avoid armed citizens.