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 Growingup in Vietnam, my parents always brewed Chinese herbs whenever I was sick. Iremembered that it gave off an undesirable taste and an unpleasant smell with ahint of decay. I had to pinch my nose and took a big gulp while wondering howthis herbal tea was going to help me feel better. It was then when I discoveredthe world of capsule, liquid, and tablet medications. I was amazed with how medicinescan interact with human body in different ways. During my high school years, Igrew great interest in chemistry and was eager to learn more about physical andchemical compositions of drugs that cure illness and diseases.

With the aspirationto help others by improving their life, I have committed my career aspiration tobecome a pharmacist and to graduate with the doctor of pharmacy degree.Being a pharmacistis an incredibly rewarding and respected career with many opportunities indifferent fields such as patient care and medical research. My passion to buildeffective relationship and strong patient trust in pharmaceutical professionmotivates me to develop personally and professionally. Although I have not yetgained any work experience in this field, I have observed that pharmacists aredevoted to this same mission. After my interaction with local pharmacists atthe retail store, I admired the generosity and professionalism that theyprovide to ensure that the medications prescribed for patients contribute tothe best possible health outcomes. Recognized as one of the most trusted profession,pharmacists give patients a sense of reassurance beyond just providing theirmedications. I decide to pursue this career because I want to be part of thisprofessional expert group, who is willing to put patients’ need first and doingall that they can to enhance their health and well being.

Obtaininga Doctor of Pharmacy degree is my intermediate goal that I plan to achieve byfocusing on studying as hard as I can. Even though the classes are moredifficult, my desire to become a competent and well rounded pharmacist willkeep my passion up high and help me to survive these tough classes. As for mylong term goal, I am committed to improve healthcare outcomes, establishpatient-friendly environment, and enhance the quality of life for patients withdifferent medical problems and conditions. I want to develop the therapeuticrelationship with patients by encouraging them to ask questions aboutalternative treatment options for the best medication outcomes with affordablecost.

The lastthree years as pre-pharmacy undergraduate have prepared me on the path toearning a doctoral degree in pharmacy by providing a solid base in science and math.The pre-pharmacy program enables me to develop strong teamwork skills withothers to share our ideas and to solve more complex problems. Teamwork skill iscritical for the pharmacists to collaborate with other health professions inorder to provide the best quality patient care possible.

Through my employmentexperiences at the nail salon, I have also developed excellent communicationskill that I will utilize as a pharmacist by handling clients’ concerns andquestions professionally and courteously. Strong communication andinterpersonal skills are essential in healthcare professions to ensure patientsreceive the accurate information they require for their effective treatment.These skills I have acquired in my education and employment will ultimatelyhelp me to achieve my intermediate as well as long term goal.