Growing substantial inclination towards Business Management, I also had

Growing up in a business-oriented household consisted of being exposed to, and witnessing talks of business management — be it at in-house parties or out at dinners — from a very young age, which I believe has impacted my upbringing and passions to a great extent. Along with a substantial inclination towards Business Management, I also had a keen interest in the field of Accounting, which I became more aware of at the age of around nine. Most kids resent going to the bank with their fathers, however, for me, it was always a source of amusement and gratification.

As a child, I would witness my father give cash to the banker and/or vice versa, which would leave me to ponder about what exactly was going on. This eagerness to have the know-how of money and what goes behind it made me discover my true passion.Belonging to a science background, what piqued my interest towards the commerce side was reading various business/economic related magazines that were available to me around the house.

I had always thought that commerce was a field based solely on the concepts of profit and revenue, but I remember the day when I first indulged in an economics magazine, where I found graphs of all sorts; going up, down or vice versa, showing different trends, and statistics, which caught my attention and amazed me. What further intrigued my interest in the subject itself were the questions related to those every economic aspect, such as, “Why have I not ever come across such principles? Where are these principles applicable? What would happen if the graph dropped further down?” These questions pushed me to look for answers, and luckily I found answers with the help of Internet, but it was not just the ending; it was just the beginning as these questions opened doors to new ones, hence the reason as to why I am strongly motivated in pursuing the field of Management Sciences and/or Accounting and Finance. Also, I am determined to move forward in achieving my ultimate goal and progressing further in terms of recognizing and understanding the financial and managerial world. On my part, in order to understand the aforementioned aspects, I read different articles, keep myself updated with the current affairs, attend seminars and lectures, etc. Reading about such topics has broadened my understanding on how the subject of Finance and the Economy affects everybody’s lives. It has made me understand the balance of the distribution of income and how it hardly is balanced.

One thing that I have learned in today’s world is that businesses do not only require balancing and reading books, but today’s businesses are about investment and the organization of assets, people, opportunities, and risks – and I am all for that!In my Matriculation, I opted for Science subjects which further enabled me to have a diverse and versatile approach towards my future goal. Chemistry has given me a practical way of thinking, alongside the aptitude to apply common knowledge in experimental work. Mathematics has further engaged my passion towards the problem solving and also enhanced my ability to utilize different arithmetical variables, which is very beneficial considering the analytical ability required in Management, Accounting and Economics.I believe the degree(s) I am opting for are best done at LUMS.

To study Business Management only to become a job seeker is not what I am aiming for. I want to learn the true skills of an Entrepreneur and become one of the best, eventually. The high standards and qualifications of LUMS are recognized internationally and valued by employers all over the world, hence my strong belief is the fact that this is the right path for me and the one I should pursue.

Belonging to Larkana and having lived here all my life, living on my own in Lahore; a new city and experiencing a new culture, will be an opportunity for me to develop my personal and interpersonal skills, such as adaptability, flexibility, independence, as well as interacting with a more diverse crowd – all of which will greatly aid me in the upcoming stages of life.Apart from my educational background, I have distinguished myself in almost all fields of life. Be it sports or any other activity, I took part in tournaments of different sports such as football, cricket, and tennis. I have also taken part in group presentations and class debates in which students would unanimously choose a topic and present their opinions or facts. All these activities have developed the capability within me to communicate effectively. Furthermore, it has prepared me for how to strive under pressure.

Having been rejected from LUMS last year, contrary to the degradation others may face, it led me to strive to improve myself and be the best that I can be, no matter what failures I am faced with since I personally believe that “Failure is not a failure if you learn from it”. I did not waste my time, instead of it, I did an Internship at Pepsi which helped me stay motivated. My passion drives me to be better, different, and versatile.”Every great dream begins with a dreamer.

Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” – Harriet Tubman.