Green from government and at last world salvation. To

Green marketing is one of the strategies used by
companies in order to gain profit and protect the environment. The American
Marketing Association (AMA) defines green marketing as marketing of products
that are believed to be environment-friendly, which organizes into various
activities such as product adjustments, modification of production processes,
packaging, labelling, advertising strategies as well as increases awareness on
compliance marketing amongst industries(Yazdamifard, 2011). As green marketing
is a current focus in business enterprises, consumers are becoming more
conscious towards their environmental approaches, desires and purchases.

According to the World Commission on Environmental Development (1978),
Sustainable Development defines “meeting the needs of the present without
compromising the ability to of the future generations to meet their own needs”.

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Green marketing tools such as Eco-label, Eco-brand and Environmental
advertisement make perception easier and increase awareness of eco-friendly
product features and aspects. The business world has an importance towards the
environment and society and the first concern of business society should be
placed on the key of conserving the environment instead of improving the
profitability of the business. Marketing mix ordinarily known as 4P’s comprises
of components such as product, price, place, promotion which are basically
different ways invented by a company to bring a good or service to the market.

A green consumer is typically known as one who supports eco-friendly attitude
and/or purchases green products over the standard alternatives (Boztepe, 2012).

Consumers are showing environmental concerns depending on product features,
precision if green product claims and information provided on the packaged
goods. Benefits of Green Marketing include increase in revenue, reduction in
cost, building brand value, getting tax breaks along with loans from government
and at last world salvation. To conclude, consumers want to recognise
themselves with companies that are green complaint and are willing to pay more
for a greener lifestyle. For this reason, green marketing is not only an
environmental protection tool but also a marketing strategy.