Great or positive way. A leader who strives for

Great leaders are filled with manycharacters such as intelligence, creativity, vision, honesty, honor and greatwisdom to lead a team. Leaders do not intend to take control but to show theright way to the employees and make a difference in the business market as wellas their team. For example; the ex-president of the United States Of AmericaBarack Obama did not use his power to take over his position but to empowerothers by creating more leaders as well as still improving and believing inhimself. As well as being a Leader, it may seem so tough, setting an example isan action that will allow the business to progress, and it is always correctfor the leader to perform the right duties not the duties that seem easy inorder to gain more confidence within the performance of the company. Becoming aleader isn’t by calling yourself a leader but by inspiring others with theactions and abilities you have, making people dream more, learn more, do more,become more and lead more.

As well as having a team with a formalleader, some employees may feel too bad to voice out their opinions on whatthey think about the issue on the table in case they ‘upset’ the leader. That’swhy more people take to the other side and declare that they do not need aformal leader in order to benefit a business; however this kind of approach mayhave drawbacks on time taking long decisions, problems will become harder tosolve, in other cases the enjoyment of individuals being their own leaders willmake the team more lively and allow each individual to feel free and also beable to express their thoughts and feelings either in a negative way orpositive way. A leader who strives for success willclearly face everyday challenges; these obstacles will rather break them ormake them better. Although a leaders would have to be 100% truthful to theiremployees, there’s also a part of them that would have to be cautious of whatthey say and how they say it in order to not tarnish the business name and alsoto keep the employees (keeping employees for a long term is also a dilemma aleader goes through in this century).

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