Google website or YouTube Channel, Advertisers pay Google To

Google Adsense is an advertising publishing program from Google in which advertisers can display advertisements on website, blog or Youtube and earn revenue from ads when visitors views or click the adsHow Does Google Adsense Work?le’ts Understand This In DetailThis works fairly simple, Google makes most of its money from ads. Advertisement to be placed on your website or  YouTube Channel, Advertisers pay Google To have those ads Displayed and you get a percentage from that money, all ads are ads are matched to your content so for example camera blog, most probably your ads will be something related to the camera.Now the question is what do you need to start besides creating an actual Adsense account you will require the content be it a  YouTube Channel, blog or website, The more traffic you have the better life you have with Adsense.In Website, Google gives around 70% revenue to the Publisher and in YouTube Channel, Google gives 55% revenue to the Publishers and remaining revenue is taken by Google. For Example, Let’s say that the advertiser pays Adsense $5 for displaying an ad 2000 times, Adsense will take its cut let’s say $2 and passes the remaining $3 to you.This is only an example, The money paid by advertisers depends on a no. of factors like if you are eligible to be paid and there are conditions that vary from country to country such as the topic of the website, the country in which the website is based, depends on the time and is not fixed at all. Google Adsense has certain payments thresholds set in place so you will se your first payment after you earn $100.However, everyone is not eligible for  Google Adsense. You Should be  over 18 years of age, Your content should fulfill their terms & conditions The money paid to you by Adsense is also a guess. There is a range for this However as per Google a higher percentage of the revenue is given to the Publisher and not Google.