Good positive thinking on health, and they have come

Good evening everyone. How do you answer this question.

Is your glass half-full or half-empty? Do you ever heard that positive thinking is just a manner of hiding from reality?The way you answer this  question about positive thinking may reflect your attitude toward yourself ,your personal outlook on life,and either you are pessimistic or optimistic.Indeed,positive thinking has any measurable benefits  that has interested science for a number of years ago.For the most part,studies are more focused on identifying possible physical benefits.

Then ,as psychological researchers continue to explore the effects of positive thinking on health, and they have come to some interesting conclusion.Health benefits that positive thinking provides  are you can fights depression ,strengthens your immunity and you will live longer.   The first benefits of positive thinking on health is you can fights depression.Depression wil affect your ability to think rationally.Psychologists has proven that  one of the main  factor of depression is pessimistic thinking.Psychologists say that, people can start  to fights depression by changing  theirself into the positive mental mood.

Therefore, you need to improve the way you think by changing your mindset and after a few days it can improve your mood very well,depending on the circumstances around you that you have face in your real life .No matter what happen to you ,your positive thinking will helps you to through the depression.Basically ,this is major  factor part of treating depression that you will learn how to look at life differently .    The second benefits of positive thiking on health is it strengthens your immunity.I’m strongly believe that by thinking positive,it can help you to fight  many diseases such as common colds.

If you are always and frequent think negative,then it will likely cause your brain area to weaken your immune response to various vaccines such as flu.In addition many previous study  has shown that negative emotions will lead to a greater electrical activity in the part of your brain that weakened the immune response.   The third benefit of positive thinking on health is coping with stress and hardships.In thi way,life without challenges is impossible in your life and therefore,you are always facing a tough times as long as you live.By thinking positively, it can helps you to overcome the situation  during hardships and in that way,you can reduce stress in your life.As a students,whenever you try  to tell yourself that you can not to complete the certain task or assignment ,just tell yourself that you are going to make it by using a different approach.Exercising at least three times a week can produce a positive feeling, which helps to reduce  you stress.

   Finally ,the fourth ,and the most important benefit of positive thinking on health is you will live longer.Studies have shown that optimistic postmenopausal women have declined death rate.For those who think positively are less likely to have hypertension or become diabetes than who are always pessimistic.It  has also proven that if you improve your thinking by turn it  into a positive mental mood and start think positively,you are less likely to die from  the serious illness like cancer .On the other hand,if you changed your perspectively on your stress to a positive against a negative ,the stress can be reduced ,and could prevent you from getting ill.  In closing,I’m sure you now agree that it’s important to think positive in your daily life to stay healthy.As you’ve heard today,if you always think positive it will give good benefits for your health,you can fight depression,strengthens your immunity,coping with stress and hardships,and you will live longer.Of course,I appreciate that some people may disagree .However ,I hope you see that I’m right.Change your thinking and you change your life.Thank you for leading me your ears.