Good die?You may find out the answer in the

Good morning teacher and my classmates.Have you ever thought about the death and what happens when you die?You may find out the answer in the book that I would like to introduce to you all.The book is called ‘The Five People You Meet in the Heaven’ that written by Mitch Albom.The book was reprinted by Sphere in 2011.To begin with,let’s me talk about the summary of the book.The story begins on the last day of Eddie’s life.He is 83 years old and works as the maintenance manager at Ruby Pier amusement park.In the last minute of his life,he is fixing the roller coaster and suddenly,an accident happens. Eddie tries to save a girl.Unfortunately, he was crashed by the roller coaster and died.After the death, Eddie goes to heaven and meets five people.Some people may have been loved one or distant strangers.Each of them was in Eddie’s life for a reason.When Eddie meets the first person,he still does not know the reason that is the heaven for.He feels confused.Until he meets the fifth people,he have learnt five moral lessons.He learns what is death,sacrifice ,forgiveness,love and the meaning life.Base on the story of the book,the main character is Eddie.But there are some other characters played the important roles in Eddie’s life.They are The Blue Man, The Captain,Ruby,Marguerite and Tala.My favourite character is The Blue Man.He is the first person that Eddie meets in the heaven.His name is Joseph and he feel nervous when meets people.Therefore,he took silver nitrate for medication to cure his nervousness.As he took in too much silver nitrate when he was young so his skin has been turned blue.He brings out one of the main messages of the book.That is everything happens at random in our life.It would happen for a reason.Everyone has their own experiences in the world.They have different understandings.Human are unique.No one is the same.The part that I like best is when Eddie meets the third person in the heaven.That person is called ruby.She is the wife of the owner of Ruby Pier.Eddie meets Ruby at a restaurant that is the workplace of Eddie’s father.When he sees his father,he feels angry and he wants to kill his father.That is because Eddie’s father hit him and his brother when they were young.Ruby tells him the difficulties of his father.Eddie experiences the difficulty of his father.This part dragout an message.It gives me a moral lesson.I have learnt that we should be considerate of our parents as no parents would hurt their children.The reason that I choose this book is the book is really meaningful. The five moral lessons that teaches by the book allow us to reflect our life. The book is suitable for the people who feel confused about their life. It can help you to find out the meaning of our life and our goal. After reading the book, you may change your attitude towards your life as the book gives us many advice.I have learnt that forgive anger and hatred because it is the perfect method to get along with other. A every life has its own meaning and death is the other beginning of your life. This is the end of my presentation,thankyou.