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Goal setting is considered to be the most importantelement of a successful career search because it will set the direction or pathfor the tasks and motivation in order to accomplish those tasks in a successfulmanner. In this world, people who are successful in their lives as well as intheir fields are just because they have clear set goals. Moreover, settinggoals will gives a person a long term vision and short term motivation and withthe help of this people will get a clear picture that what they have to do inthe lives in the coming future.

Furthermore, if the goals are set properly thenpeople don’t have to waste time in thinking process that after achievingtheoretical knowledge what they have to do next in order to become successfulas well as to earn handsome amount. Goal setting also helps to organize thetime of the person as well the resources and also helps the person to use theirresources in better way so that they can have a successful career ahead. Bysetting up defined goals, self-confidence also raises and will help the personto know his/her ability and competitive strength that he/ she is going to usein order to attain the goals set by him/her. Goal setting also gives mentalboundaries in person’s mind and that will help the person to stay away fromcertain distractions and remain focused towards the goal. It will also help theperson to set priorities in his or her life and gives the direction that what isimportant in life as well as person will stay committed, overcome challengesand work on plans that he or she will made in order to achieve success in hisor her life. Goal setting also helps to control the future and gives a clearsense of taking right decisions in life. Also, if the person is having SMARTgoals ( Specific, Measurable, Action –Oriented, Realistic and Time-Bound goals)in his or her life then this will help more to get successful in the futurebecause SMART goals is the most important aspect of goal setting . By settinggoals the person will have some sort of responsibility on his or her shouldersin order to produce best results and also will make him or her aware that whatchanges he or she needs to make in order to get best results if they are notgetting it.

Finally, it is very clear that for a successful job search personshould have clear and defined goals in his or her life so that he or she shouldnot have to struggle more to attain success in life.