Globalization is considered a symbol of progress and an

     Globalization is considered a symbol of progress and an important part
of modernity because of the ideas of a global transformation and how governments,
economies, and societies run. This is the very reason that it has been seen as
a spur in the growth of fundamentalism. Globalization undermines traditional norms
such as gender, sexuality, and abortion. While embracing modernity, it modifies
the beliefs of a cosmopolitan through life style of choice that is not dictated
by the external religious authority. As well as it has influence upon personal
meaning and self-improvement aspects of individuals within a society.

Globalization is the idea that there are no boundaries and/or no walls
in the world. It is the symbols such as the world wide web that has helped to
bring to the forefront a new world system, a joined together world with the use
of integration tools.

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    In the Post-Cold
war era communism had lost. However, capitalism has won. It was marked by this
documentation and Globalization was created through this deal. This time period
in history showed how the nation states where losing power and the transnational
corporations were gaining power.

     There was a
shift that was occurring between industry to finance, and it was happening via
technology, finance, and information. The world began to speed up very rapidly.
What had once taken a year to do was happening in a matter of a day’s. Such as;
trade, foreign exchange, and make worldwide phone calls and was creating what
some called a market fundamentalism.

the reason that globalization seems to be a spur in fundamentalism depends
first upon the context where the fundamentalism is occurring. For instance, the
major religions of the world today and throughout history have been considered
an asset as spreaders of globalizations agenda. With a large accompanied flow
of funds into third world countries.

greatest concern is that one of the major consequences of globalization is the transmogrification
of traditional religions and belief systems, and make the third world help
captive to the master world ideals.

Individuals, social groups, and countries wrestle with the effects of
the persuasive resources of globalization and religion that are the two main
support systems that now make up the society. Globalization brings with it the
process of disintegration of the traditional social fabric, the shared norms
wither away by the invasion of consumerism and the cyber culture. As well as
the ideas of new and shiny religions, and a changing work ethic and rhythm.

    One of the
main causes of fundamentalism within religion is the perception by the
religious traditionalists that sees globalization as a threat to their beliefs
and life styles. Therefore, leads these religious fundamentalists to more rigid
rules in regards to their belief and behavior systems.

the word fundamentalism itself is used to describe various different things in
everyday speech.  The term itself
actually tells more about the views of the person using the term rather than
about the nature of the thing that receives the negative label.

Fundamentalism is actually a word that comes from a Christian context,
and was first used by American protestants that label themselves as defenders
of the fundamentals of the Christian religion against the onslaught of modern,
liberal theology. Which undermined the significance   of the
special status of the bible.

globalization although is seen as a spur in fundamentalism actually has little
effect since there is continued growth and advancement with religion. Religion
is not losing status in society. Globalization has brought a new awareness to
the world and created the world to be seen from a smaller view point.