Globalization and work as one for common goals, example

 Globalization is said to be the process whereinbusinesses and other establishments are helped to be in advanced ininternational impact or began operating on global scale, that can be of aneconomic, social, political or environmental nature. It is also a procedure ofglobal economic, diplomatic and cultural combination. The barriers of thenations broke down and has made the world turn to be a small village.

 Embracingglobalization provides great advantage among countries, such as importing andexporting of products to sustain each country’s needs. This process alsocreates connections between countries that will form a sense of solidarityamong nations. Due to it,there are also organizations that has been establishedand work as one for common goals, example of this is the United Nation. Though,this a non-governmental organization yet it helps and provides people needsglobally, especially when there are countries who had been suffered from atyphoon or an epidemic.

One of the globalizations’ advantages is theincreasing percentage of employment. In the Philippines there are a lot ofbusinessmen from outside the country who established a company here. Due tothis, there are a lot of Filipinos who have given an opportunity to get a job,enable them to provide their daily needs. Another advantage of globalization iswhen Filipino can work overseas or we called them “OFW or OverseasFilipino Worker” where in they have the access and permit to work abroad.Globalization also helped the employer to find their workers easily and canmake there work done hastily.In developing countries, job earnings appear tobe progressive.

Yet, in the other hand the gap of job earnings between the bestand least certified employees seems to be broadening within the industrializedcountries. Both outside and inside of the country benefit in the globalizationprocess, but in the part where a worker suffer from a change of job becausethere education did not met there standard is probably one of the disadvantagesof globalization.In country’s developing aspect, globalizationprocess also has a part, whether it result to a problem or progress, there isstill an occurence of change.

The said process helps the developing countriesto cope with the others regarding in the increase of their economic growth, andfinding a solution in terms of poverty problem of a country. With the help ofglobalization, many countries are now embracing modernization and sophisticationof their technology.Globalization inclines the disparity between therich and the benefits of globalization is not universal: the rich will becomericher and the poor will suffered more. For an instance, the countries likeChina and India who progress more than the nations who are already rich.Nevertheless, countries like Africa still at the top in the highest povertyrate together with the rural areas of China, who didn’t utilize on globalmarkets also suffered from poverty.

 However,developed countries put up their establishments and companies to theprogressive nations to take benefit of low income and this causing touble incountries with poor guideline of problem. Moreover, creating companies andfactories in the developing nations by developed countries concern badly in theeconomy of the developed countries and increase the rate of unemployment.As a country continue to adopt globalization,many industries and factories are going to be built and another sophisticatedthings are going to be discovered, yet, it will cause more problems on ourenvironmental aspect. As we continue to progress with globalizations, theimportance of taking care of our nature will be left behind. It is going to be”continued to develop the country” without knowing ourresponsibilities in our nature, it would leads us to another disaster andanother problem of poverty.

In social implication of globalization have sofar  been observed as a reflection, or asan unlucky significance of progress. The ability to continue thinking, feelingand dreaming appears to be somehow threatened. The sense that the latestuniversal paradigm can somehow inabled us to be a full capacity human. thissubmission to what are notice to be unstoppabled and unjust forces, iscontradicting the promise of globalization.As Senior High students, our role in theglobalization is very important. We are the youth and considered to be the hopeof our tomorrows.

We can make things possible in simple ways and spend our lifewith beautiful memories and activities that will mark to people’s minds andhearts. We may not achieve what really the country’s wants , but atleast we cana make a better world together with one goal and one heart.