Globalisation and the characteristics of globalisation, as I explain

GlobalisationAspectsIdentifyat least 4 aspects that have had an impact on the organisation In this assignment I shall briefly define what globalisation is and thecharacteristics of globalisation, as I explain how globalisation has had animpact on the company Apple. In this assignment I shall thoroughly identifyaspects from the Weatherly and otter (2014) book and portray how these aspectshave had an impact on my chosen company, analysing both positive and negativeimpacts of my chosen company (Apple) and how the company is able to maintain astrong exchange of money, service and goods globally throughout differentcountries.  Whatis Globalisation? Globalisation is basically the creation of linkages orinterconnections between nations.  (Hamilton and Webster2012: 384) thistells me that organisations can be effected by globalisation in different waysensuring a strong relationship between different countries around the world dueto greater trade and transportation of goods, ensuring the economy of differentcountries are more engaging with one another with the exchanges of money,services and goods improving globally. This definition from the Hamilton andWebster 2012 book shows off globalisation to be a positive impact, breakingaway any negativity between nations by obviously bonding with them creatingfast and easy trade and allowing cultures to unite and greater communication.  Globalisation has increased free trade betweennations, easier movement of capital between borders and a huge increase inforeign investment. (Gibson 2014)  This suggests that globalisation has lookedafter companies very well ensuring fantastic relationships by increasing freetrade between different nations around the world, as companies also allow agreater competitive market globally as it is a process of making sure theeconomy is more connected and engaging with nations globally. Acompany that has gone global is Apple a company founded in California.

A hugetechnology company which has made its name worldwide due to its famous advancedtechnological systems that draw its consumers into the innovation of theirproducts. “in the last 15years or so UK businesses have been encouraged tostart trading (or to increase with) global market groupings or markets specificto different regions of the world” ArticleWritten by John Reed- Associate of Strong and Herd LLP. Here I can seethat John reed has stated that international trading has become a lot morecommon within the last 15 years.

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I believe John reed suggests that UKbusinesses have great potential within the international trade ensuringfantastic relationships and exchanging a success within the service and goodsavailable  Wetherly and Otter aspects of GlobalisationInternational trade andthe creation of the global market place.

com/markets/2017/04/01/apple-makes-smart-move-to-expand-in-this-huge-market.htm Applehas created its very own stance in the market place. “Apple currently operates492 retail stores across 19 countries” (Dunn-2017)Dunn has clearly stated that Apple has expanded their brand globally usinginternational trade and creating a strong global market place in numerouscountries. This has given me a strong understanding of how Apple are currentlyvery bold on their creation of their market place globally, as Apples productsare now introduced in majority of the countries worldwide. However Apple hasone market place in India they would like to improve massively. “With salesstagnating in China, and with the Indian smartphone market growing, Apple ishoping India can be a new area of growth.

There are reasons to doubt that line of thought, butCEO Tim Cook said last week that the company plans to “invest significantly” inthe country” (Dunn-2017) Thissuggests that Apple have figures out they have a weak market place in someplaces internationally with India being one of them. Therefore, Apple has some plans to improve their marketshare globally especially in India, by introducing more Apple branches inIndia. I believe by doing this they are able to create a strong linkage andinterconnections with India according to (Hamilton and Webster 2012: 384). Apple willalso be able to increase the trade with India asit can lead to a huge increase of foreign investment abroad linking back to thetheory of (Gibson 2014).

As Apple can also allow a greater competitivemarket within India, which will be very beneficial for Apple.  It has been said by (Harsh Chauhan 2017)in an article that “Samsung reportedly became India’s largest single-brandretailer, with more than 2,100 stores, in 2015, and it has continued itsexpansion. As you can see both Gibson 2014and Harsh Chauhan 2017 ideas arequite common due to Gibson’s theorybeing Apple wanting to lead a huge increase of foreign investment in India, andChauhan’s fact which links to Gibson’s idea of creating a greatercompetitive market between Apple and Samsung in the India Market place. Organised production globally and investmentflows”Thebiggest things they “export” are ideas, designs, franchises, brands,engineering solutions, instructions, and software, coming from a relativelysmall group of managers, designers, and researchers in the U.S” Written by Robert Reich from the ForbesPublished 16th March 2016. As you can see Robert Reich hasstated the items Apple may export using international trading, they are able toimport and export their products and plans etc.

due to the fact they havemultiple factories worldwide. One of them being China, Robert Reich hassuggested that there is a huge communication service between the US and Chinadue to Apple products being assembled in china. Hence why the engineeringsolutions, ideas and designs are exported to China in order to start aproduction line on upcoming Apple products. “The Apple iPhone is assembled inChina from components made in Japan, Singapore, and a half-dozen other locales.The only things coming from the U.S. are designs and instructions from ahandful of engineers and managers in California” Robert Reich has stated thatthe headquarters in the US use different countries such as Japan and Singaporefor the supply of their technological components.

I believe the US uses theinternational trade because it could be much more cost effective and efficient toassemble the components in Japan. This tells me that sometimes companies willuse international trade as it can benefit them in many ways and also create astrong relationship between different nations. This has an positive impact onApple on using international trade as they maintain a strong linkage which iscost effective and much more efficient due to the labour and prices of materialbeing used being much cheaper internationally