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 Global economic growth is increasingly failing to translate into new and better jobs that lead to a reduction in poverty, according to a new report issued by the International Labour Office (ILO) here today.Globalization is not just failing to create jobs it actually increases unemployment.

Between 1990 and 2008, the number of employed workers in the United States grew from about 122 million to about 149 million. Also even when the companies needs workers,instead of human labour they use machines.And when they don’t use machines the workers work in low conditions and for low salaries.Companies such as Gap and Nike has been accused of making their workers work in low conditions.Globalization is just an opportunity for companies to expand and benefit from the low labour and to get away from the tighter enforcement regulations of USA and Europe and that’s why companies such as Nike and Gap  and many other has expanded to china and India and has made those both countries the center of economic globalization.Since companies are trying to create monopolies and be the company that rules the economy however this lead to competition which decreases the prices but so does it decrease the salaries of workers. The soft drink company,according to labour economics.

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wordpress Coca Cola has been accused of intimidating workers around the world a due to the competition between pepsi and other soft drinks. Nike Having been the target of human rights and worker’s rights groups for many years, Nike does most of its manufacturing in foreign plants, notorious for having long hours and awful working conditions. As we know, however, robots don’t care about the duration of work nor the conditions, making them very attractive to companies like Nike.Nike has already taken steps to adopt automation, eliminating 106,000 contract workers and closed down 125 of its least-efficient factories, leading to a 16% increase in profits in 2013, according to International Business Times. Nike has already tasted the increase in profits that can be taken in by switching to a mechanized labor force, and there’s no reason to expect it won’t keep pushing in that direction.

There’s no reason for companies to use human labour rather than machines since when they use machines the prices would decrease and the company would be more successful. Source:international labour organization and https://www.foreignaffairs.

com/articles Inequality is also increasing in developed countries such as United States.Between the years 1977-1992 where Globalization was increasing rapidly,in the us the richest 20%’s income has increased 28% however the poorest 20%’s income in the same time has decreased 17%.Again between the years 1977-1992 the richest 1%’s income has increased 91%.And inequality is not just happening in the us,80% of the 7 billion people in this world live less than $10 dollar a day and only 5% of global income was generated by the poorest 40% of the world population while 75% of the global income was generated by the wealthiest 20% of the world’s population. Poverty Unemyoyement is the 3rd reason for poverty but unemloyement is not just the cause of poverty is is also the consequence.One of South Africa’s major cause and effect of poverty is unemployment. Unemployment causes families to live in unsanitary conditions because a lack of financial means to improve living conditions.

Globalization is incresing rapidly in China but so does unemployement rates.This statistic shows the number of unemployed people in China from 2007 to 2015 has increased.In 2007 8.3 million people were unemployed in china hwever in 2015 the unemployemnt rates has risen up and 9.

6 million people were unemployed.As we can see in the statistics as the globalization increased by % in china,unemploeyemnt increased by 1.3 million. Poverty rates and unemployment statistics Crime Social scientists and public officials have long identified poverty as a “root cause” of crime or, at least, as a significant “risk factor.”  Such a causal linkage was made by Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius (121-180 A.

D.), who declared, “Poverty is the mother of crime.”But most importantly, what reveals the unmistakable connection between poverty and crime is that they’re both geographically concentrated – in a strikingly consistent way. In other words, where you find poverty is also where you find crime. For example Venezuela is the country with the highest crime rate in the world and the poverty rate is 80% and over the years as the poverty increased crime also increased.

STATISTICS. And due to poverty and crime the unemployment rate has been increasing over the last few years.RFI explains, crime within Venezuela continues as a result of the high poverty and lack of impunity, and will not come to an end until the country’s unemployment and poverty rates decrease.In the countries where the social discrimination factor isn’t very strong, results have shown that less education meant more criminal offenses ranging from property crime to “casual” theft and drug-related offenses.

Poverty is the cause and also the consequence of crime.Honduras is the second poorest country in Central America. With sixty percent of this country’s population below the poverty line, its city, San Pedro Sula isn’t much different. Nearly seven and a half percent of the people in San Pedro Sula are unemployed, which is the reason for high violence in the city, causing the high murder rates that it has become famous for.http://sanpedrosula. RATE/PER HUNDRED=119.87source:”The Borgen Project is an incredible non-profit organization that is addressing poverty and hunger and working towards ending them.” So it’s a cycle that will never end can never be reduced since we can see that even though Globalization has increased poverty,crime and unemployment rates has gone

Overall, increasing the unemployment rate by 1 percentage point increases the poverty rate by 0.4 to 0.7 percentage points which as I stated leads to poverty.And for the ones that are trying to be successful,their chances are decreasing everyday because of globalization monopolies have created which doesn’t even give a chance to the companies that are new and not strong as companies today.