Glacier was established in 1897.In glacier park there are

Glacier park in Montana is known to be one of the best national parks on the united states.

on the border of canada and the us near the city of columbia falls and coordinates of 48 41 48N113 43 6W the size of glacier 1,013,322 acres that’s about 4100.77 km and elevated 975m above sea level. The average temperatures are 50 degrees average max and 28.5 average low.

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Before settlers came there miners used to mine there, but after not finding gold they left. Now people can find large mineshafts where they mined.In the year 1892 2 settlers rented cabins 50 miles from the place lewis and clark explored the place they settled in is now called glacier park. In 1900 it became glacier national park and is protected by congress.  George snyder  had guests ride his steam boat to his hotel the boat ride takes all day but once you get there you sleep a night at the hotel and can do horseback riding the next day this was established in 1897.

In glacier park there are mountain ranges, glaciers, lakes and basins all created by what happened 170 million years ago when the rocks of that area were thrust over the younger rock strata the ancient rock is now known as lewis overthrust it has amazing signs of fossils and left the great basins lakes and mountains we see there today. Early in glacier park there were 120 glaciers due to climate change there are only now 25 and by the year 2030 they will all be gone.                                            Crispin    The flora and fauna in glacier range from black bears to spruce trees as black bears are very frequently seen.

The national parks staple animal is the mountain goat, there are also over 300 grizzly bears that live in glacier park. The park is great for bird watching as they have more than 260 species of birds living there.    In the year 2016 over 2,946,681 people visited. In 1892 2 settlers were offered lodging and thus began the tourist opportunities there. Then increase of railroads in marias pass made for more homesteads in glacier park.