Girish has been to be involved in techno-commercial activities

Girish Khadke                                                                                                         MS: Management of TechnologyStatement of Purpose”Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other”, is the famous John F. Kennedy quote that inspires me greatly. Passionate about learning and determined to be in a responsible leadership role in the corporate world, I am applying to the graduate program in Engineering Management at your globally respected university. The objectives of this program are multiple, but before delving into them, I want to share the logic behind this decision.

Leveraging my intellectual and personal attributes, I was able to secure admission to the highly coveted undergraduate program in Mechanical Engineering at one of the most respected institute affiliated to the Pune University and my joy knew no bounds when I came to know that the program entailed one-year in-plant training as part of the coursework. The experiential learner in me was greatly excited at this prospect and yes, the experience has been so enriching that it has given me the mission of my professional life.Working on the shop-floor, handling the production related tasks, I realized the importance of coordination, people management, costs, and resource optimization. I also came to realize that the subjects that I was pursuing in my undergraduate program gave me some basic insights into such management aspects, the knowledge was in no way sufficient from the corporate perspectives. Consulting my professors and industry mentors I came to appreciate the growing demand for engineers with management education across the globe. Conducting a SWOT analysis, I came to the conclusion that I possessed the basic mindset and skills to be a successful manager and formal education in the management domain would help me in achieving my professional as well as personal objectives. My life aspiration always has been to be involved in techno-commercial activities that would help me to be in the learning mode throughout my life and also give the mental stimulus required for achieving lateral growth in addition to the vertical growth. My long-term career goal is to have my own manufacturing or consulting business and management education would be the right step forward towards achieving my long-term goals.

I was also quite clear about remaining in my core passion field of technology and did not want to pursue a traditional management program. That’s when I started exploring the graduate program that would help me in acquiring proper management knowledge and skills while enhancing my technical expertise as well. Deep diving into your web resources, I realized the resonance this program had with my own objectives and after comparing the overall offerings of your program with other leading universities, I took the decision of applying to your university.The objectives from this program are to get advanced conceptual knowledge and associated application skills in subjects such as Financial Management and Accounting, Marketing, Economics, Managing technological change and innovation and Engineering Project Management while keeping up with the developments in the field of technology. The highly practical approach to education at your campuses was one of the major factors behind my decision and I am looking forward to working on live projects to develop, enhance, and hone the skills that corporates expect from management professionals.

During and after my graduation, I am planning to intern with leading technology organizations to get acquainted with the then current work culture and methodologies, prior to commencing my professional journey. My overall personality, global qualifications, and passion for excellence would provide me with suitable career opportunities in my native country as well as at the global stage.Here I want to share the journey that gives me the confidence about achieving these milestones and goals. Thanks to my proactive and dynamic parents, I was able to evolve into a passionate, ambitious, and accountable person that I am today. Alongside my teachers, they have played a crucial role in making me an autodidact student. Right from my school, I wanted to pursue engineering as my career path and my interest in the machines made me choose the Mechanical Engineering domain.

However, my grades until the fifth semester were consistently low because I had to support my living in the city of Pune by working part-time. Until then I realized that my career is at the forefront and learned to prioritize my objectives.                              My in-plant training was with Thermax Ltd.

, the first six months in the production department (Cooling and Heating Department) and next six in the quality department (Thermax Babcock and Wilcox). Along with the normal day to day activities and responsibilities, I have worked on two major projects during this period. The first was related to automating the welding process for joining the header to the endplate arrangement.

The task was to reduce the faults, reduce the manpower cost and cycle times. Applying all my knowledge and personal attributes, I was able to successfully complete this challenging task and bring down the faults from 10 % to 2%, manpower cost by about 35% and overall significant improvement in the cycle times. My industry mentors have appreciated my overall efforts during this project.

The next project dealt with the hot cracking problems observed while welding austenitic stainless steel. The initial analysis led to the conclusion that it was the inconsistent quality of the ER347 grade filler wires that was causing this problem and as there was no reasonable way to identify if the incoming batch of filler wires are suitable or not, I suggested the way out to ensure that only acceptable quality filler wires were used. Researching all the online and offline resources, I was able to come up with a reliable means of accepting the filler wire for welding based on the comparison of its liquation and ferrite number. This proved to be an effective solution as the accepted filler wires did not give rise to any solidification cracks. Another initiative project of mine that was appreciated greatly was the layout improvements that I implemented in a production department that facilitated the overall flow of production.Additionally, the project that I have undertaken and completely at my institute was to design and develop a multispeed gearbox wherein I was the leader of my project group and contributed to the design aspects and final assembly of the gearbox.

Such projects have helped me in enhancing not only my technical skills but my interpersonal, managerial and leadership skills as well. My institute offered multiple opportunities for paper presentations as part of coursework and leveraging these opportunities, I have presented many technical papers and seminars at university level events. I have also benefited from the entrepreneurial development program at the university and my certification in PLC and SCADA programming from a leading training provider.Equipped with the technical knowledge and skills, now I am poised to take up this enriching graduate program at New York University.

I am looking forward to establishing long-term relations with my department and remain committed to being a student worthy of your global reputation. Thank you very much for the positive consideration of my profile.