NASA/CaSGC Microcomputer & Robotics Internship

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Funding: We are grateful all our sponsors and partners for support of this program.

  • Duration of program: Two Years–September 2014 through September 2016
  • California Community Colleges Currently Involved: 12 campuses
  • Potential California Community College Involvement: 112 campuses
  • Need funding to expand to more community colleges and to extend program beyond 2016
  • For organizations and individuals interested in donating funding, mentoring, or materials, please contact:

Interest List:

  • Students who are interested in participating and are currently enrolled at one of our community college partners should contact the faculty mentors directly. Please click here for a list of current partners and links to faculty mentor email addresses.
  • Colleges interested in participating in this program should contact us. If more funding is available or if any of our current partners decide to not participate next year, your college may be able to participate. Please contact:




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