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German news platform, Stuttgarter Zeitung has reported that a research body backed financially by German carmakers had funded several scientific experiments which involved testing nitrogen dioxide which is a gas commonly found in exhaust smoke on human beings. According to Stuttgarter Zeitung, this study was authorized by The European Research Group on Environment and Health in the Transport Sector. Reuters tried to verify and the find the extent of this study but was not able to make any headway. Incidentally, European Research Group on Environment and Health in the Transport Sector aka EUGT was apparently decommissioned last year.The reason and the results of the study are still not out in the open but this news comes at a time when the automobile industry is facing bans from several inner cities on their diesel vehicles. All this can be traced back to 2015 when it came into the forefront that Volkswagen had doctored their emissions on their diesel cars. The research organization in question which is being pegged for conducting this harmful test on people was funded by BMW, Daimler, and Volkswagen.  According to Stuttgarter Zeitung during the course of the research around twenty-five young individuals were made to inhale nitrogen dioxide for several hours at an institute which was under Germany’s Aachen University.

The German Daily reported that the impact that the gas on people who inhaled it for a prolonged period of time could not be ascertained when the study was concluded and released in 2016. Meanwhile, Daimler in the recent past has condemned sponsored studies by the very same research organization which involved making monkeys inhale toxic fumes given out by a diesel Volkswagen that had been fitted with the illegal software which allowed it to manipulate the tests back in the day. Daimler had said, “We are appalled by the extent of the studies and their implementation.

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We condemn the experiments in the strongest terms. Even though Daimler did not have influence on the study’s design, we have launched a comprehensive investigation into the matter.” Now that Daimler is embroiled in a far more grievous charge, it remains to be seen what the firm has to say on this matter.