Georgetown of which were caused by heat, from global

Georgetown is discovered to be part of North America over a billion years ago This article explains how Northern Australia geologists made a discovery and stated that over a billion years ago, Georgetown (located in Nothern Queensland) was part of North America. Curtin University researchers found that the rocks in the area 412km west of Cairns were different from other rock deposits located in Australia, but homogeneous to the ones discovered in Canada. The Georgetown area clashed with the Australian landmass while the formation was happening ancient supercontinent Nuna which was 1.7 billion years ago. Geologists state that supercontinents have been created and destroyed by tectonic movements throughout Earths history.  Hottest year in 2017 with no El Nino This article talks about how in 2017, it was the hottest year without an El Niño, since global records began. The global surface temperature in the year 2017 was 1C above levels observed in the pre-industrial times. Scientists believe they should blame this on humanity’s fossil fuel burning. The last three years has been the hottest trio yet. In 2017, there were weather events happening across the world that were more extreme than normal such as hurricanes, heatwaves, and floods. All of which were caused by heat, from global warming. From what was seen from 1850-1900, UK’s Met Office stated the average temperature in 2017 was 0.99C.  Government puts stop to sourcing fuel This article goes into detail about how significant earthquakes are causing the government to put a stop to sourcing fuel from a Dutch gas field. With the seismic activity, the joint venture between Royal Dutch Shell and Exxon mobil have been questioned, thought over, and capped by the ministers. After a 3.4 Richter Scaled quake, the country’s minster, who was head of economic affairs, put notice and attention on major corporations. Minister Wiebes believes there needs to be a transition to an alternative energy source by the time 2022 comes around. In 1959, The Groningen field was discovered and this was the largest natural gas field. Damage on local homes and businesses caused extraction to reduce since the year 2014.  Decrease in coal companies due to climate change This article explains that the oldest insurance market, Lloyd’s of London, plan to stop investing in coal companies starting April 1st. This firm wants to defeat and beat climate change such as hurricanes, wildfires, and flood, all of which have been extreme recently. Insurance companies such as Aviva, Axa, Legan and General, and SCOR in the UK and Europe are also drifting away from fossil fuels and coal to decrease climate risks. The issue is how to clean up the planet as well as how to maintain a clean environment. Climate change is important, but it is not the real issue that needs to be addressed in this situation.