Genghis traders. He launched an expedition of terror across

Genghis Khan and his descendants made theMongol Empire the best empire of all time. Theyhad amazing military tactics, were clever, and they changed the world forever.Genghis Khan and his descendants made the Mongol Empire the best empire of alltime.

The Mongol Empire started North of the Song Dynasty in1200. They were skillful on horseback, discipline, and they were very ruthlessand had a lot of courage in battle. They were after glory and wealth. This camefrom concurring massive empires and gaining land. Their desire of wealth andglory lead to a brutal clash that would change the world forever and its peopleforever.

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The Mongol people would roam around the Eastern steppe (alarge area of flat unforested grassland in southeastern Europe or Siberia). in unorganized clans. This all changed when amilitary leader by the name of Genghis khan or “Universal ruler’ took power in1200. His original name was Temujin. He vowed to unify all of the Mongols underhis rule. He would defeat his opponents one by one. Genghis Khan improved theMongol Empire Greatly. Genghis Khan’s First goal was to concur China.

Heinvaded the northern Jin Empire in 1211. He changed his path to the Islamicregion because he was angered by the murder of Mongol traders. He launched anexpedition of terror across the Central Asia.

The Mongol Empire would demolishone city after another. Some of the cities that the Mongol Empire took controlof was Utrar, Samarkand, Bukhara. They would slay many of the cities citizens.By the year 1225 Central Asia was under control of the Mongol Empire. They werea very powerful Empire during this time. Some of the reasons that Genghis Khanwas a great and powerful leader and a successful conqueror was because ofseveral characteristics that he had.

First he was an amazing organizer. Hewould gather a group of Mongol warriors into a strong fighting force. GenghisKhan’s armies were in group of 10,000 Mongols. Those 10,000 men would be organizedinto 1,000-man brigades (a subdivision of an army, typically consisting of a smallnumber of infantry battalions and/or other units and often forming part of adivision.) 100-men companies, and 10-men squads.

Another characteristic ofGenghis Khan is that he was a very talented strategist. He would use manydifferent tricks to confuse the enemy. One tactic that he used was when hewould put a small squad of Mongol soldiers against the enemy’s army. Then, hewould have the soldiers retreat. The enemies would follow and they would beambushed. This military tactic would cause his enemy’s army to be destroyedvery quickly with very few Mongolian deaths. The enemy would be slaughteredvery quickly because the enemy would be surprised from the attack and theywould not have enough time to fight back. The last characteristic that GenghisKhan had is that he would use cruelty as a weapon.

He believed that he couldterrify and scare his enemy’s into surrender. For example, if a city would denyopening their gates to him, he would invade the city and would kill the entirepopulation and capture the city. This lead many towns and cities to surrenderwithout putting up a fight or challenged due to fear of war.

  All of the characteristics that Genghis Khanhad made the Mongol Empire the best empire of all time. Genghis Khan died in1227 from illness. Genghis Khan helped make the Mongol Empire the biggestempire of all time. When Genghis Khan died, his sons and grandsons continuedhis campaign of conquest. Their armies would go south, east, and west out ofinner Asia. The Mongol Empire finished their northern China conquest, theydecided to invade Korea. They would level cities like the Russian city of Kiev.In 1260 The Mongol Empire split into four regions or khanates.

The four regionswere khanate of the golden horde, khanate of the great khan, Chagatai, and ILkhanate. The khanate of the great khan was the largest region of the MongolEmpire. Genghis Khan helped make the Mongol Empire the best empire of all time. In 1260, Kublai Khan, the grandson of GenghisKhan, took the title of Great Khan.

He ruled a lot of the region of the MongolEmpire. Genghis Khan’s other descendants would rule areas like Mongolia, Korea,Tibet, and Northern China. In 1279, China was overwhelmed with the attack fromKublai Khan. China and its people were able to hold down Kublai Khan’s attacksfor a couple of years. But in the end, they would not be able to hold KublaiKhan and his ruthless army back. Since Kublai Khan became the new emperor ofChina, he founded the new dynasty called the Yuan Dynasty. It ended up lastingless than a century.

In 1368 the dynasty was overthrown. But that does not meanthat the Yuan dynasty was not important. One reason that the Yuan Dynasty wasimportant is that Kublai Khan untied China for the first time in over 300years. Because Kublai Khan did this, he was considered one of China’s greatemperors. Another reason is that since China was being ruled by the Mongols itopened up more opportunities of trade and foreign contact for China.

Thiscaused China’s economy to go up. The last reason that the Yuan Dynasty wasimportant is that Kublai Khan respected and honored the Chinese people’sculture and made very few changes to their system of government. Kublai Khanwas a great ruler that carried on his grandfather’s legacy. He made the MongolEmpire the largest empire of all time. He improved the life of most of thepeople who lived on the land where he conquered. He boosted China’s economythrough trade, was respectful to the Chinese people, and he unified China forthe first time in over 300 years. Do you know how I said that Kublai Khanimproved the lives of most of thepeople who were on the land that he conquered? Well, for some of the people,their lives were ruined. The Mongol soldiers were ruthless.

They would killwhole villages and cities if the people if they would surrender immediately.The Mongol Empire’s army would brutally slaughter men, women, and children. Also,with Genghis Khan’s military tactics the enemy could have a huge army and couldbe easily destroyed with very few Mongol deaths. Genghis Khan and his decedents made the Mongol Empirethe best empire of all time. Genghis Khan made the Mongol Empire very powerfulbecause of abilities that he possessed. He was a talented organizer, he was hadvery good tactics, and he could use fear as a weapon.

He could conquer landvery easily because of these abilities. He improved the lives of many peopleduring his time. His grandson, Kublai Khan was also a great leader thatimproved the Mongol Empire and improved the lives of his citizens. When he tookcontrol of China he united all of China for the first time in over 300 years.He also increased China’s economy through new trade opportunities. Genghis Khanand his decedents made the Mongol Empire the best empire of time.