Genetic be fertile in producing better quality of cross

Genetic engineeringit is a skill used to restrained manipulation of genes to replace the geneticmakeup of cells and move genes across species boundary to manufacture novelorganisms.

Advancements in Genetic Engineering journal give an opportunity tothe information on Genetic engineering skills and its application to numerousfields of research, biotechnology, and medicine among scientists andresearchers. Therefore, to larger extent Genetic engineering is ethical becauseit helps in improving animal productivity, improves on agriculture, diseaseresistance. However side, genetic engineering is unethical like, it causes uncertainty. How Genetic Engineering is Ethical               Disease resistance                                                                                                   Genetic engineering is used in fighting problems such ascystic fibrosis, diabetes among the people while among animals geneticengineering is used in prevention of problems like, conferring immunity tooffspring via antibody expression in the milk of the mother, disruption of thevirus entry mechanism and mastitis resistance. Thus, genetic engineering hashelped both human beings and animals in fighting diseases which resultedinto death and this has improved the quality of life and allow for longer lifespan.Improvinganimal productivity               Genetic engineering has helped animals to be fertile in producingbetter quality of cross breeding which are marketable in the world which alsohelps in economic development of the country .

For example, goats genetically engineeredto show human enzyme in their milk. Therefore, such developments may add to thenutritional value of animal based products.Improves onagriculture.               Through genetic engineeringscience has improved on better quality of plants that growth fast like mangoes,oranges, and banana tubers which are marketable in the world market whichpromotes the development of the country than other species which aretraditional. Thus genetic engineering is ethical according to the pointmentioned above.However side,genetic engineering is un ethical as can be mentioned below.

Uncertaintyproblems               According to differentresearchers have discovered that the use of genetic engineering procedures manyanimals and people do not survive and of those that do survive are small innumber due to developmental abnormalities among the animals, for exampleextended gestation, large birth weight, inadequate placental formation, such abnormalitieshave increased many disease which resulted in death among the animals andpeople. Therefore, genetic engineering is ethical due to the point explainedabove.In conclusiontherefore, genetic engineering has been good and effectively to larger extentaccording to the points have been explained above like, disease resistance, improveson agriculture,  and improving on animalsproductivity, but to smaller extent genetic engineering is unethical accordingto the points have been highlighted above like uncertainty diseases, and geneticallydiversity.