Gender and efforts of the Government in responding to

Gender is one of the world issue thats
often discussed in the study of psychology. Various research conducted to compare women with men ranging from the level of the
ego, intellect, emotions, patience, etc. Due to a
misunderstanding the meaning and purpose of such research many people who argue
that man is more excellent than women or vice versa, many people who have to forget them goal
because of gender and we still see a lot acts of violence in the household because one person of a couple who feels more powerful than his partner.

In 2015, human
development index value of differentiated based on Indonesia gender obtained
value for women Indonesia is 0.660 while for male 0.712, this shows the level
of development of gender equality in Indonesia is still under the average
equity in East Asia and the Pacific the average value of GDI 0956.
The value of the index of Gender inequality in Indonesia 2015 ranks 105 out of
159 countries with numbers 0.467. (UNDP, 2016)

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Based on the
background of the problems written
above, the author making
this papers with the title
“Implementing Pancasila Realize Gender
equality to the Harmony of
the World”.


1.1.Formulation of the problem

What is the definition of gender?

What are the forms of gender inequality problem

How does the view of pancasila against gender issues?

What are the role and efforts of the Government in
responding to the question of gender?


1.2. Purpose of

Know the actual definition of gender

Find out the gender inequality problem forms that

Understand the view of pancasila against gender issues

Know the role and efforts of the Government in
responding to the question of gender



2.1. Definition of

The word of Gender is
often confused with the word of sex, even
though gender and sex are two different things. Sex is taken from birth who
biologically is only attached to one particular gender. While Gender can be
defined as a social cultural concept which refers to the attribution on men and
women through attributes of masculinity
and femininity in the biological, behavioral, and mentality to balance the role
of the community in accordance with the values of an existing system or in the



creation of God, brought from birth

Was formed
by social culture

Cannot be

Can be

applicable Differ

on the cultural traditions of the community

Same every time

There is difference


differences on the role, functions and responsibilities

Tabel 1. Dfferences of Gender and Sex

2.2. Forms of
Gender Inequality


is the raw image of individuals or groups which are not in accordance with the
existing empirical reality. Negative labelling in General always gave birth to


Gender Inequalities Shape Beliefs

Women: soft and emotional in nature

Should not
be managers or lead an institution

Its main job: women in the house and
if worked just help the husband

Paid lower and do not need a high position

Male: calm and rational

fit to be leader and inappropriate
work at home

Tabel 2. Example of a Sterotype


2.      Violence

that is to say acts of violence, both physical and non physical performed by
one sex or an institution of the family, society or the state over
the other gender.

3.      Double

Burden means a load of work that received one gender more than the other

4.      The

is a process of demeaning due to the
difference of the sexes resulting in poverty.

5.      The
subordination of

is an assessment or assuming a role performed by one sex more than the other.
(Putri Susantina, 2014)


2.3. Views of
Pancasila against Gender Issues

issues especially that happening
in Indonesia is one of the evidence that lack of
implementation of Pancasila values within each individual. In the Pancasila, gender equality issue was related to the second sila and five sila.

In the second sila that read “kemanusiaan yang adildan beradab” it is
already clear that Indonesia strongly upholds the values of humanity. In the
sila to five which reads “keadilan sosial bagi seluruh rakyat Indonesia”
implied meaning that Indonesia holds firm value
justice for all the people irrespective of the status of property, title,
including gender.

If the
values of pancasila is really applied and high esteem by every individual then
a variety of irregularities on behalf of gender as an excuse would not be
likely to occur. Because of this the civics and citizenship needs to be
implanted in humans at early stages, ranging in age from children to adults,
students as well as students.

importance of studying civics and citizenship is to answer the challenges of
the world by preparing citizens who have the knowledge, understanding,
appreciation, commitment, and a pattern of practice of Pancasila, and skills to
be able to become citizens who have the good characters and smart for life of society, nation and State in accordance
with a constitutional democracy.


2.4. Role and
efforts of the Government in dealing with the question of Gender

1.      The national long-term Development Plan (RPJPN) 2005-2025

Goals: Increasing the quality of human resources, including the role of
women in development. Generally improved quality of human resources in
Indonesia is characterized by increased human development index (HDI) and
gender development index (GDI), as well
as the achievement of a balanced population grows.

2.      The national medium term development plan (RPJMN) 2004
– 2009

Goals: gender
justice provided in
various legislation, programs development,
and public policy; Decrease in the gap between the development achievements of
women and men, as measured by GDI and GEM figures; Decrease in acts of violence
against women and children; as well as Increasing the welfare and protection of

3.      National strategies through the PUG

The Government of Indonesia’s efforts to avoid the gender inequalities and realize
Gender Mainstreaming through s. KKG (PUG)

4.      The approach of the Three Ends Plus

End violence against women and children; End human trafficking; End the
economic disparities, as well as end the failed women in politics (____, 2017)

In addition
to the national Government gender issues are also being discussed in the
international sphere. So that gender equality is included in one formulation of
the 17 Goals of sustainable development agreed upon and signed in the Summit
meeting at the PBB on 25-27
November 2015 by all PBB’s Member
States including Indonesia. Therefore the Nations of Indonesia should also be
willing to commit to realize and achieve the goal of sustainable development.




different to sex. Sex is taken from birth who biologically is only attached to
one particular gender while gender is the attributes (values, attitudes, roles,
mentality, emotional characteristics) attached to men and women as the results
of a social and cultural construction and not permanent. The forms of gender
inequality often occur in the life of society, the forms of inequality that
stereotype, among other acts of violence, the double burden, marginalization,
and subordination.

inequality occurs because of a lack of understanding and practice of the
society against the values that are contained in the pancasila. Therefore the
civics and citizenship is very important for every individual studied by early
childhood to be citizens who have the good characters
that are both smart and to face the challenges of the future and be the next
generation who lead the nation towards the better.

inequality in the face of the Government of Indonesia has set up several design
start of the medium-term to long-term.
Indonesia has also devised a national strategy through the PUG, and join to committed
to realizing the 17 goals of sustainable development as one of the country’s of PBB membership.

differences should be able to create harmony in social life because of the
existence of differences in attitudes and roles of men and women should be able
to complement each other without prejudice to the rights and not damning one of
the parties . If the harmony society in Indonesia already constituted, is not
an impossible that harmony will
also spread throughout all parts of the world.