Gardening play a huge part in the production of

    Gardening oysters is a form of aquaculture to help harvest seafood for the future. Many people that live near the bay and shores want to harvest oyster gardens to help in the bay’s ecosystem. Oysters need to be replenished each year in waters that are not full of diseases and poor water quality. Oysters not only grow well on a reef, but they help restore the natural state of the bay’s aquatic life. The techniques that are used in oyster gardening can be displayed in the bay’s all in a different way.

 Living close to the Chesapeake Bay, we can see this each and everyday. Oysters can withstand change of climate unless it is drastic. Oysters are in high demand and very profitable in many parts of the world.

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    Techniques of oyster gardening need to have five major things. salinity , water depth,  the correct areas, adequate amount of oxygen to breath,  and adequate amount of plankton to eat.  These five things need to be there to support the growth of the oysters.

Most of the techniques that are used in farming oysters are very similar around the world but sometimes areas will only have two out of the four things to make the growth of oysters successful.     China has all the required elements to be a very successful farmer of oysters. There are more than 20 species of oysters along the coast of China. In China they also use the raft – cage culture method.

The buoyancy of the raft is one of the most important parts to being successful in gardening oysters. China has to clean their cages more often than other countries due to the amount of oysters and shellfish produced annually. Waters in the United States are home to several oysters and other shellfish. The climate change and the global warming play a huge part in the production of oysters. The carbon dioxide can and does absorb in the sea waters that turn into acid and make it harder to farm shellfish. If there is a drastic change in temperature, this could also ruin millions of dollars of marine life (selling seafood, aquaculture, and ect). The aspect of oyster harvesting in the state of Maryland and Virginia have lost over 4 billion dollars in the last 3 decades.

The problem of this is from the acid population in the water with the agricultural runoffs, and the weather changes.     Oysters in our area of Virginia are extremely profitable because of the money fishermen get for selling them.  It is extremely tough to garden oysters with so many different problems that arise when it comes to pollution, weather, agricultural issues, and cleanliness of our season bay. Around the world we see this culture expanding due to the high demand of oysters that people would like to consume. We all need to realize that we have to play an important role in making sure our waterways are clean to farm not only oysters but other marine life.

 Living on the water I truly understand that making our bays, oceans, and rivers clean not only will help our marine life, but will continue to make every aspect of living on the water a more positive experience for everyone.