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Gambia isplaced inside the southern a region of African nation African nationwatercourse on Saint Mary’s Island, Wake Island Peer in Tending finishing fromthe dry land by a series of stream lined with mangroves.

 Banjul isrelatively untouched by tourists to travel straight to the beaches. it’sconjointly the house to a busy harbor and market that showcases the mosteffective of an urban continent. AbukoNature ReserveThere arenature trails within the park. Treks can take you to the grassland and into theBamboo Pool. there’s conjointly a wood bridge over a steam. This takes you to abird hide. there’s conjointly a platform wherever you’ll see Nile Crocodilesand plenty of varieties of reptiles. The mostopportune time to travel bird watching is that the late afternoon or early inthe morning.

this manner you may be able to hint clear of the tourists. Ifyou’re trekking, ensure to hold some refreshments. If you’re occurring an AbukoNature Reserve tour.

 Kachikallymuseum and crocodilian reptile PoolThe mostfashionable traveler attraction in Bakau is ancient fresh pool set in the heartof the labyrinthine residential district of Kachikally concerning 700m south ofAtlantic Avenue. The pool is below the custody of an in the main social groupreferred to as Bojang, whose ancestors apparently settled within the spacearound five hundred years gone. a number of weeks later, the family capturedand free into the pool a combine of crocodiles that are inheritable to theeighty close to people that inhabit it these days, and act as intermediarieswith the Kachikally.

throughout the season, several of the pool’s residentsdisperse into the encircling city and country, and you hear occasional tales ofindividuals awakening to search out a young crocodilian reptile next to theirbed!  KiangWest parkSpreadacross a hundred and fifteen sq m on the south bank of the stream, Equus KiangWest park contains a formidable array of plant and animal life. There squaremeasure quite 250 bird species, also as bush-bucks and sitatunga. On thedrawback, the reserve is not accessible – even within the time of year.

 In theflowering tree creeks, the West African sirenian mammal and also the Africancrocodile pass off. within the flowering tree boundary and periodic event flatsthe tracks of assorted animals like the claw-less otter, marsh genus Herpestesand Sitatunga are to be found. different reptiles within the park embodycolubrid snake, cobra, Nile monitor, puff adder and African python among others Tubabkollonintent north east of the park is close to the stream and is that the best placeto search out savannah endemic animals within the park. Animals like sitatunga,warthog, bush-buck, baboons, hyaenas, elusive leopard, Old World monkey ET AL. Tripto Gambia with your family and friends.

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