Future modify their process in an attempt to address

Future research should be done including
other important variables such as perceived behavior control and subjective
norm as in the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) by Ajzen (1991). It could be
suggested to use other sampling methods since random sampling method that had
been used in this study might not be effective in presenting the data.



Chapter 7: Conclusion

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As society becomes
more concerned with the natural environment, cosmetic companies have begun to
modify their process in an attempt to address society’s new issues. Some cosmetic
companies have been quick to accept the newer challenges or changes like
environmental management, minimization of the waste aligning with
organizational activities. For cosmetic companies to be successful in
implementing green marketing strategy, it should not forget attitude of
consumers towards green marketing. Eventually the marketers can save a lot on
overhead costs and associated entities in the cosmetics market.

One thing that is
being reiterated is that the current consumption levels are too high and are
unsustainable. Therefore there is a need for green marketing and a need for a
shift in the consumer’s behavior and attitude towards more environmental
friendly life styles. The current study is a compilation of various aspects
related to green marketed cosmetics. People are beginning to realize their role
and responsibilities towards the environment.

Cosmetic companies
are also starting to educate the masses with an increase in advertising that
puts emphasis on green products and how they are more beneficial for the
consumers. This kind of advertising goes a long way in educating the masses and
promoting the concept of green-marketed cosmetics among the people.

After having
understood the concept of green marketing of cosmetics, this report triggers a
thought for marketers about the impact of significant changes in green
marketing of cosmetics for effective utilization of resources and the final cosmetic
product which the cosmetic brand/company develops shall be less detrimental to
the environment which can be concluded from the following paragraph related to
awareness of consumer towards green marketing.

Most consumers of
green-marketed cosmetics have expressed strong concerns about the concept of
green marketed cosmetics and helping to conserve environment. People are aware
of green environment because it is less detrimental to the environment and
companies can look into implementation of this concept for betterment of
business. From the results of data analysis, we can infer that the price also plays
a vital role in marketing of green-cosmetics. Some consumers neither agree nor
disagree for the fact that green marketed products are over-priced. As far as
initiation of green marketing is concerned everyone are responsible for green
marketing. If we analyze the facts pertaining to green marketing the
significant results are positive at one end.