FURNITURE components together as it grows. PROPERTIES: v Unlike



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the company behind Mushroom Packaging,
has teamed up with cement-growing company bioMASON to
create classy furniture grown
entirely from microorganisms and mushrooms. The two companies recently unveiled
their new biofabricated line at Biofabricate 2016.

The microscopic, thread-like tissue that makes up a mushroom—known as mycelium—is used to make the base of
the stools and the table legs. Mycelium naturally latches onto different
substances to help mushrooms grow and form colonies, binding all of these
components together as it grows.




Unlike plants, the cell walls of mushrooms are lined with
a fibrous substance called chitin, which makes them strong and flexible

v mycelium can form tougher materials.

v Fungi can also grow
incredibly fast.

v The end products and
durable and have a soft velvet- like texture and feel.


v Actually, these don’t need
much care, it just needs to be kept dry (breaking down when it is exposed to
water is what makes our material compostable). And avoiding to drop-kick it
across the  house, it should last almost



v It is also used to make
furniture, and so far benches, stools, chairs and lampshades have been created.

v Depending on what
ingredients are used and the conditions they’re grown in, the resulting product
can take the form of bricks, façade tiles, or table tops and used for packaging
computers and electronics.

v Dell,
for example, use Ecovative’s compostable packaging, which breaks down within 30
days once discarded.




The five-step bench creation process

Making this seemingly magic mushroom material is simpler
than it sounds, says Bayer: “I like to call it low-tech biotech. It’s
almost like making bread.”

v Water is added to the
agricultural waste. Then a drop of the mycelium cells, which begin to grow,
feeding on the waste.

v They grow like little
hairs, and they grow through and around the particles.

v After an initial development
period, it is mixed again and put into moulds or plastic bags, where it solidifies
and grows into shape.

v The form and type of
mould varies on the product. Harder materials are compelled into shape and then
baked in the oven to destroy off the fungi. This gives it a shelf life similar
to that of wood.

As it is made out of mushrooms, it is
biodegradable, and can go back into the soil after being completely utilised.




v The company received a Cradle to Cradle gold certification, a type of sustainability stamp of

v As it is made out of mushrooms, it is
biodegradable, and can go back into the earth within one month of beign broken
down and disposed.

It is free of any toxins or harmful
substances or fumes

v consumes
far less energy than traditional furniture manufacturing.



is naturally fire resistant and durable once made into a furniture

v it is biodegradable and tough enough to support a human’s weight.

v It
is free of any toxins or harmful substances or fumes.

v Cost reduction.



v Mycelium biocomposites risk contamination by
mould and bacteria if they exceed a half-metre in thickness

v It is not water resistant as they may start
to decay when they get wet.

v It is only produced
by some companies.

Bio mason &
Ecovative , Together started 

This is located in
Brooklyn, New York

Thus, transportation
becomes the major disadvantage and makes it less sustainable