From remembered that everything happens for a reason and

From a young age I have always wanted to know why people did the things they did. I did not know until I got older that this thing I was fascinated with had a name. Psychology. I would soon grow to realize that I had a passion for it and that I wanted to be a psychologist. While I was consistently fascinated in psychology there were many obstacles in my adolescent years that made me open my eyes and see that being a psychologist is my calling in life. I used to always wonder why such bad things were happening to me and why I had to feel that way but then I remembered that everything happens for a reason and my pain had a purpose. I was able to turn a negative into a positive and now I have a great career I am working towards. 

Growing up having a mentally ill abusive father who self medicates was never unproblematic. Each day my older brother becomes more and more like a carbon copy of him. However the want to be a psychologist started with my father. I then saw I had a passion for it when my brother and the other people around me became my obstacles instead of my helping hands. 

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When I was in the eighth grade sitting in my home bound class one of my teachers asked me what I wanted to be when I got older and I told him a psychologist. When I was in the ninth and tenth grade my depression and anxiety were so bad that I could not bring myself to get up and go to school. At the end of my sophomore year I finally moved out of my toxic household and moved in with my grandparents. I found out about an alternative school and I was applied and was accepted there. My mental health got better and I started school the next fall with a clear mind and a newfound motivation for school. I put in the work and went from F’s to A’s and finally realized my true potential. 

Once I finish school and get licensed I mainly want to work with child abuse victims because I can relate to them. My dream though is to own a psychiatric residential treatment center. I want to be able to help people who are going through the same thing I once went through so they do not have to feel alone like I once did.