From participating in sports lastly the stereotype that women

From gender stereotypes, sexism to misogyny women in late 1800s to the 1900s faced many issues. To create the camp we looked at various stereotypes that were imposed on women during that time and created solutions/remedies through camp activities. 
One issue that majorly influences the camp is the stereotype that higher education is important only for men. To break this stereotype the whole camp is created to be an opportunity to learn. Girls are given the opportunity to learn about feminine health, American history, politics as well as attend lectures by a number of influential women.  Learning about famine health, such as how to deal with your period teaches girls how to not be ashamed or embarrassed to go through something that is completely normal. Visiting the American history museum as well as reading  The History of Woman Suffrage book,  girls can gain knowledge about not only women’s history but culture, art and science. Having knowledge on these subjects broadens their horizons and allows them to understand the past in in turn allowing them to better understand the present. While debating girls learn to gain a personal opinion about certain issues in society. They also gain communication skills , a higher level of thinking, and creativity. 
Another stereotype covered through the camp is the belief that women shouldn’t be involved in physical activities. For various reasons society has lead us to believe that women were physically inferior to men therefore they shouldn’t be engaging themselves in rigorous activities such as sports. One activity all the girls participate in is an obstacle course. Obstacle courses promote confidence, satisfaction and pride in oneself. The obstacle course gives girls the opportunity to gain strength not only for the improvement their physical health but mental health. Girls can also create other interests besides the expected interests of women, by participating in sports
lastly the stereotype that women shouldn’t freely express themselves or their emotions is also covered throughout the camp. In the camp girls are given many opportunities to express themselves. In Meditation girls have the opportunity to reflect on themselves as a women, they have the chance to also use different art forms such as writing, visual art or music to translate and freely express their emotions. Meditation is especially important because of how much pressure is put on girls in society, it can leave them feeling depressed, increase anxiety even influence them to suicide. Art plays a big role in the meditation. It relieves stress, encourages creative thinking, increases self-esteem, and provides a sense of accomplishment. Meditation helps the girls deal with the stress and negative emotions, and reduce levels of depression and anxiety. By decreasing their psychological the stress it in turn their  increases coping abilities.
Camp Girl works to shape how girls in society are represented, and changes their attitudes and behaviors about their outlook on life. Education is an important factor to fighting stereotypes and bring about social changes. All of these opportunities given throughout the camp will allow girls to surpass the existing beliefs