Friedrich is convinced that conditions that appear to be

Friedrich Nietzsche
Friedrich Nietzsche is one of the originators of modern
existentialist and postmodernist thinkers. He is considered the founder
of Nihilism, which explains that there is no perfect meaning to human
existence. Nietzsche’s attempt to reveal the objections of Western
religion and philosophy sent a clear and vague message to all modern
thinkers’ philosophers, psychologists, and theologians. His written
analysis about modern culture, human existence, and science challenged,
morality, and religion, and questioned every single value and
objectivity of truth and how life should be clarified. Nietzsche set
apart his age as atheistic but religious. He explains the religious
spirit and its willingness to sacrifice, and declare someone’s power by
submitting themselves to torture. Nietzsche admires the free spirits who
struggle to free themselves from the preconception of others and being
able to question their own ideas and/or assumptions. Nietzsche also
explains that he judge the power of will by how much resistance, pain,
and torture it endures and knows how to turn it to his benefit.
Nietzsche is convinced that conditions that appear to be black and white
actually aren’t. He believed life wasn’t that simple and that there
were many more perspectives and factors involved in every single
situation. Lastly, Nietzsche admires the Greek idea about Dionysius who
elevated life in its most unreasonable features, and that the authentic
duty of the superman was to exist beyond and not be effected by anything
good and evil.

Fight Club & Nietzsche

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The film focuses on human existence and the meaning of such. The
narrator, defines himself through his belongings, and also interpret his
being through his possessions. A saying in the movie that supports the
way he define himself through his belongings “I’d flip through catalogs
and wonder: What kind of dining set defines me as a person?” The scheme
of the whole movie becomes transparent when the Jack meets the character
which will lead him to question this being as a person. In “Thus Spoke
Zarathustra” Nietzsche debate that according to whom the Separation of
Spirit is dividing into three parts between the child, the lion and the
camel. In the beginning of the movie (Fight Club), Jack was living by
himself but he is in need of others. He then release himself of his dual
(Tyler), destroys his life, and his personality changed, and there is
the summary of his whole life. This is very good example of when Sartre
speaks about serious spirit, this is why, Jack re-invented himself
through destruction and freedom. Jack came home and found that his
apartment was on fire, which he destroyed himself and finally have the
will and ambition to recreate his life. Throughout the movie, Tyler is
continuously questioning the point of unpleasant fact, working jobs that
benefits commercial company. He also teaches against consumerism, and
Tyler interprets this basically as “working jobs we hate so we can buy
shit we don’t require”. Jack finally came about a set of men who oppose
consumerism with Project Mayhem, a self-evident title. Tyler believes,
“It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.
The movie “Fight Club” to an extent is a very great example of