For these reasons, it would be more constructive to

For these reasons, it would be more constructive to
talk about the formation of a new liberal world order. In general, the analysis
and forecasts in this regard are of great interest. Researchers recognize that
the role of the East and South in world politics is growing. In this sense,
they change their geopolitical space and wealth and power. Gradually, the influence
on the global processes of such countries as China, Brazil and India is
growing.. In this respect, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Argentina and
some other states can be mentioned. As for the geopolitical order, it is
interesting that some observers represent this trend as an anti-liberal
movement. They believe that further weakening of the role of the US and Europe
in world politics automatically means the departure of liberal values ??to the
background, because the new powers try to impose their own ideas and the
structure of a new global world order that is acceptable to them. The United
States and its allies can not prevent this. Namely, in the face of different
points of view brought into the geopolitical environment by new global players,
liberal values ??lose their power.

As a result, to replace the disintegrating liberal
order, the main features of which are openness and the system of relations
based on the law, an order comes in which the blocks compete with one another,
there are many spheres of influence, rampant regional rivalry. Consequently,
the role of such organizations as the UN, the OSCE, ­­­­and the European Union
can be minimized, and the principle of multilateral cooperation is to become inoperative.
Over the last six decades, this international order has created a broad range
of regional and international transformation. The world economy saw golden
years in the growth and expansion. The European Union has lunched projects in
terms of business and national security. Furthermore, Germany and Japan joined
in liberal democratic world; they became potential partners to manage the world
economy. Moreover, a number of states in Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, East
Asia and Latin America made democratic reforms and entered the global trading
system. In the recent years numerous countries such as China, Brazil and India
have seen their most significant years in economic boom and social development.
These global transformations and reforms were maintained by the American-led
liberal international order.

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The goal of liberal internationalism is to achieve
global structures within the international system that are prone to promoting a
liberal world order. To this extent, all are encouraged by global free trade,
the liberal economy and liberal political systems. In addition, liberal
internationalists are dedicated to an encouraging democracy to emerge globally.
Once realized, this will lead to a ‘peace dividend’, since liberal states have
relationships that are characterized by a rejection of violence and that, the
relations between democratic states are characterized by a democratic peaceful