For me a lot more. But I feel as

For my Introduction Speech, I didn’t choose a specific topic, I decided to combine all the options into one. I started by introducing my name to the audience and talking about what I like to do, a traumatic moment in my life and how I was able to overcome such an obstacle, I closed my speech by speaking about how that challenging obstacle lead me towards my future career path. I cannot personally say how the audience was affected by my topic choice, but I am hoping that it had a good effect on the audience, I am hoping they were able to see and hear about the struggle I had to face and give them a chance to know me on a personal level as well as show the audience how strong I’ve become as a person. In my opinion, I believe I did an okay job with my speech non-verbally, I think that I made very good eye contact and was able to get the audience interested in what I had to say. Verbally I think I did a fair job, I believe the emotion that I was able to deliver through my voice helped the audience empathize with me a lot more. But I feel as though I need to improve a lot more when giving speeches because based on your comments I tend to not only drag my words a lot but also say “UH” and “UM” way too often. I noticed for me saying “UM” and “UH” to many times makes me lose my train of thought, but it also helps me get back on topic when I start to drift because of the nervousness I have. Another area I want to enhance in is my confidence, I lack so much confidence when giving speeches because of my personal insecurities, I want to be able to let go of the fear that the audience is judging everything I say. I would like to go up to an audience and present my speech knowing I delivered a clear and precise presentation to the best of my abilities. My speech anxiety is also another major problem for me, I start getting anxious days before a speech and it really makes me physic myself out. Before giving a speech my heart races out of control and I just feel like crying, I really want to learn a way for me to keep my anxiety under control because I know it isn’t a good look to the audience. It shows them that I not only lack confidence in myself but also my ability to present the information I have. But other than that, I do think that I did a good job with my delivery, but it does need improvement.  Going forward I do plan to take a lot of steps to improve my public speaking ability firstly going through my habits and fixing them as well as my weaknesses. The public speaking textbook will be a great factor in my improvement journey because I can use the tips listed in the book and take them apart little by little to cater to what I need so that I am able to improve. But besides just going over and reviewing the steps I also plan to practice my speech is a lot more. I think that one of the reasons that I didn’t do as well as I hoped for during my introduction speech was because I didn’t practice enough, I only practice maybe two or three times in front of a small group of friends so I wasn’t as nervous as when I was up on the stand. Practicing my public speaking skills in front of a group of individuals that I do not know, should make the transition to speaking in front of a class a lot smoother since I would have already done it before. Overall, I think my audience felt intrigued during my speech but also bored because I didn’t project my voice enough, halfway through my speech I saw some audience members lost in their thoughts. But I believe if I put in a lot of work so that I can fix my weaknesses I should succeed in overcoming my fears and become a better public speaker.