Food that has become a resource bank, taking in

 FoodFrom The Heart is a non-profit charity organization that has become a resourcebank, taking in non-perishable food items, toys and toiletries whilst recyclingand reusing those materials in whatever way possible.

The purpose of this campaign is to help the less-fortunate andcontribute in alleviating hunger through a food distribution programme. Theydistribute food, toys and do birthday celebrations. This charity campaign hasreached out to 25000 people across Singapore, ensuring they do not go hungry.

The target audience of this campaign is people of any age who areinterested in donating food or provide voluntary services.  The key message is to inform the audiences that every donation, whetherfood or money they make makes a difference in the less-fortunate lives. On thelanding page of their website, they have a tagline which states “Making adifference from the heart.

Every single day, in every possible way”. Itdelivers the key message to the audiences in just two sentences. To support thekey message, statistics of the contributions that this campaign has made tillnow are shown in large fonts. In conjunction to that, they hope that it canmotivate people to join their campaign and do something regardless big or smallbecause it is proven that everyone can help make a difference. They hold eventssuch as charity galas, golf tournaments and school talks to promote their cause.During events, the participants and volunteers get to interact.

This helps tospread word about the event and also gives more recognition to the campaign.The events are held to give back to the community whereby all proceeds fromevents like the Charity Golf Tournament will fund the charity programmes thecampaign offers. They also have social media platforms such as Facebook andtheir official website which displays their upcoming events and statistics ofthe amount of food donated, events held and the number of people benefittingfrom the Food From The Heart programme. By doing so, it keeps people in theknow of upcoming events they can participate in and how the littlecontributions they make add up to such great value. This will encourage andmotivate social media users to do something for the needy.  The platforms the campaign focuses on are print andface to face. The Food From The Heart campaign was published on the localnewspaper, The New Paper on National Day (http://www.tnp.

sg/news/singapore-news/he-gives-food-heart-needy). It was published together with 16 stories of people who overcameadversity to give back to society through the Food From The Heart campaign. Bydoing so, it can evoke empathy and compassion in readers. Also, by remindingreaders of how some people remember to be grateful and give back to society, itcan inspire them to also do something for the needy. As newspapers are a commonplatform for spreading news in Singapore since it is easy to reach out toaudiences, by publishing about the campaign, it gives them recognition.

It isalso cost-efficient and a permanent medium.  For the face-to-face platform, corporations, schools and individualscontribute by holding toy drives, assisting at special events, and helping ingift preparation and distribution. Toys donated by schools and corporations aregiven to the less-fortunate pupils in neighbourhood schools during the annualToys Buffet. This allows for social cohesion and communication as people get tointeract and socialize. Communication would help establish good publicrelations between the organization and the public on whom its success orfailure depends.

By having volunteers help out during events, the campaign’smission is achieved, and that is to reach out to the less-fortunate andbrighten their lives. The key message is also passed around, which is thatevery effort counts. Considering that the campaign has achieved its mission and purpose, Ican say that it is successful. From a small charity organization that isestablished in 2003, it now has 230 food distribution points across Singaporeand 33000 people benefitting from the core programmes. They have many donorsand sponsors and some of them are OCBC Bank, NTUC Fairprice Foundation Limitedand Four Leaves.

One of the beneficiaries is Christalite Methodist Home and thedirector commented that volunteers from Food From The Heart have been dispatchingbread to the home almost daily for the past two years, including weekends andpublic holidays. The residents are always looking forward to the bread deliverywhich provides a variety of choices. This has helped save some of the operatingcosts of the Home. Most importantly, they sincerely appreciate and are gratefulfor the efforts of the volunteers who willingly help pick up and transport thebread to them in the evenings after their working hours.

Their concern and effortto give back to society is held in high regard. This shows that the contributionsof the campaign are paying off because it is helping the needy people outthere. Through this campaign, I feel that people are also more bonded andunited as everyone who joins in shares the same purpose. With unity, more canbe achieved hence the remarkable feat. What I would change in the campaign would be to widen the variety offood choices so it would be more appetizing for the people. For example, oncertain months, fried rice will be catered then on other months, bread orfinger food will be catered. This of course will be made possible by partneringwith companies such Old Chang Kee, KCK Food Catering etc.

Fresh fruits shouldalso go together with meals to ensure a healthy and balanced diet. There shouldalso be a certificate to acknowledge the efforts of the volunteers. This servesas a form of motivation in hope that more people will volunteer eagerly toserve for the greater good. The certificates are very helpful for studentsespecially as they can use it in their personal portfolio. Lastly, we can alsohold casual gatherings for the elderly to interact and pass time withcompanions. It can help them foster friendships and feel less lonely.   1002words